GamePro: The best holiday games you never heard of

Looking for something new to play? These low-profile games are worth a look.

GamePro is betting you already have an ample supply of choice games to play this Christmas given the recent glut of releases. But that doesn't mean the following titles aren't deserving of your attention. Afflicted by a lack of advertising, an unfamiliar name, or just taking a back seat to Halo and Mario, these unsung holiday games should be on your radar -- if not your game shelf.

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kss reincarnation4038d ago

the video with scene it is probably the gayest thing i have ever seen...

MK_Red4038d ago

WTF is Burnout doing there? Is it really that non-popular?

Rooftrellen4038d ago

Medal of Honor in the Wii section should be replaced by Trauma Center. That could be the best game that no one buys.

Shaka2K64038d ago

Burnout Paradise - (PS3)
Eye of Judgement - (PS3)
Folklore - (PS3)
Haze - (PS3)

everything else is overated crap.

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