Street Fighter X Tekken Gem System, PC Version Revealed

Capcom has just announced some new info for Street Fighter x Tekken.

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NYC_Gamer2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

this was bound to happen after how successful the other two were on pc for's ashame how greedy crapcom is now days...

2925d ago
VonAlbrecht2925d ago

You make it sound like it's bad news that PC gamers will get to play this game.

Baka-akaB2925d ago

yeah i seriously dont get you . You're complaining that they are actually doing a pc version and already announcing ?

narutogameking2925d ago

Actually they sold pretty bad on PC.
Nowhere near as much as the either console version.

Somebody2925d ago

I think the PC versions are some sort of peace offering or toll payment from console developers. Like Capcom's Street Fighter.

There's something that they want in return in the future. How else do you explain their willingness to make another game for the PC version even if their sales are terrible?

The most likely suspect is the MMO scene that is prevalent in the PC. They want access to this burgeoning market and they need to appease the locals first before making any big moves. Sony is in the process of making Planetside 2. I'm sure there's something else in Capcom's mind other than some PC versions of their fight game.

Maybe an MMO based on the Street Fighter and Tekken universe. With Diablo 3 style auction system in a free-to-play transaction scheme. They cant just let some tanks, airplanes or battleships rule the online scene do they?

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ScytheX32925d ago

hell yeah, que that shit up for download =p hopefully a leak gets out on irc hehe

Nada Nuff2925d ago

"Choose from dozens of Gems that modify characters’ abilities and stats."

I have to see this to fully understand what they mean. Finding it hard to believe that Capcom would implement a system that would alter the properties of your character (speed, hitboxes, lost/gained moves, etc.). If it's something like a lighting effect or spark color I can understand that, but no one wants a system that alters the game so that it can't be used in online and competitive matches.

VonAlbrecht2925d ago

I know what you mean. I don't want it to turn into a Soul Calibur IV Special mode thing where people just stack gay effects that break characters.

caboose322925d ago

Capcom's ports to pc have always been surprisingly well done. I have never had problems with DMC, RE5, or Street Fighter on the PC. If this turns out good then I will definitely pick it up.

pctrollv42925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

YESSSSSSSSS! MY GOD! I AM ALIVE!! BEST NEWS OF THIS GENERATION! FUCK YES!!! All capcom pc ports have been really good form my XP,l starting with devil may cry 4 which was flawless, so was RE5 and SF IV...i am so happy, thank you capcom day 1 4 pack!

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