EB Expo 2011: Diary Of A Wimpy Gamer


"The inaugural EB Expo, Australia’s closest thing to E3, begins with what they have termed a “Grand Opening Spectacular” in a few hours.

"Being awake early was not my plan for facing what will undoubtedly be a barrage on the senses, even if it is from stimuli that I’m excited to see.

"Unfortunately the famous Gold Coast on Australia’s beachy Eastern edge is not living up to its sunny sexy reputation."

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BadCircuit2930d ago

Well I can't wait to see what is happening there so I hope that the coverage is good!

Proeliator2930d ago

Agreed, it will be interesting to see how it pans out. Aussieland's first real big event, hope it's great!

gaminoz2930d ago

He's probably just too excited to sleep

Belgavion2930d ago

Jurassic Putt is awesome

XboxOZ3602930d ago

Well there's some great games ready to be shown to the general public and media alike.

We'll attempt to keep ppl in Australia, as well as friends across the globe informned on the 2 day event as it happens through our Twitter, Facebook and sites.

EB have spared no expense in making this happen, and have obviously gone over budget (official comment made by insider) on their first event.

Hopefully Australia will start to be seen as a force with gaming worldwide.