Xbox 360 Chameleon Lighting Mod

There have been a lot of Xbox 360 modifications in the past week (like the instant-famous Laptop Mod), but this is one of the better ones. It's called the Chameleon case mod.

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CAPS LOCK5858d ago

but there are 2 problems with this:

1 the disc tray should be black

2 i hope there is a option where u can have a different color glow on each day of the week, because i see 7 pics, i thought it would be great if u could have a differnt glow a day.( i hope i am making sense).

xeon1215858d ago

Microsoft take note this is what a console should look like, seriously were can we buy the kits to do this

TOM5858d ago

talk about tackey! Just like nearly any other "mod",this is only useful in making your system look differnt if your the only one with it. If its offerd masmarket then whats the point? It will just look like eveyone elses. Never understood the need to change the look of something thats just siting in a intertainment rack. Now that laptop mod! Thats a whole differnt story.

zerofunction5858d ago

Ever since i've seen the black cases for the 360 i've wanted one. Just to concerned about the risk involved. Does look nice though.