The Problem with Betas

Kyle from GR writes:

"Now that the beta for Battlefield 3 is behind us and the game only a few weeks away, I think it time that we sit down and talk about the beta. I know, you’ve probably heard it all before, about all of the glitches, the lack of vehicles and destruction. It’s been said dozens of times across dozens of internet outlets. That’s not what I’m here to talk about. I’m here to talk about us, the gamers, and those who played the beta. I’m also here to talk about the publishers who release betas, the ones who entice us to pre-order games just to get early beta access to a game that is months off."

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Hagaf222929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Well said. This being a beta was definitely not utilized like a beta. People didn't treat it like such either. While the beta actually got me more excited for the game, I can understand peoples gripes and complaints.

Every beta I have been in this gen has had issues. Socom confrontation was a train wreck, Littlebigplanet had control issues the whole beta, GirlwithaStick (resistance 2) was a huge cluster f*ck, R3 was alright aside from the weapons balancing and minor glitches. So having those experiences I found BF3's beta to be pretty decent. The issues I experience were minor and already addressed by dice. I have to say the use of betas isn't what it once was but they do still serve some purpose, aside from the marketing scheme.

Agent Smith2929d ago

If a beta was polished and had no glitches, there'd be no reason to have an open beta.

MaxXAttaxX2929d ago

- "Every beta I have been in this gen has had issues"

Umm that's what they're for, devs and gamers find and address these issues for a smoother experience on the final game (Gold).

TheGameFoxJTV2929d ago

@Nathan That's exactly what Hagaf was saying. >.>

Poisonous-Snake2929d ago

I'm straight ALPHA!! I don't mess with beta's!

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Pintheshadows2929d ago

I read a disturbing article on Joystiq about how the BF3 beta in no way resembles the build that will be shipped. A good thing obviously, but I wonder how many of the uninformed public were put off by the beta. They may not realise that it does not represent the final game.

Sam Fisher2929d ago

im a hardcore gamer, that is always(or try to be) informed with every game i buy, i for one am i giant fan of the bf series over all. i played the beta (knowing it was a beta, not a demo) and i was completely turned off, i am still buying it. this time with out the hype. i played assassin creed brotherhood's beta and thought it was so terrible that i didnt even bother touching it, same went for UC3 (physics was too real imo, it was a hassle to get to a roof of a warehouse without dying). so in all, it is a beta but it is also a market tool as well, that said again imo its a demo

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