MediaKick Review: ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Classics HD

MediaKick writes: It is often said in the gaming industry that there is no such thing as a perfect game, that a perfect score does not represent perfection in a game, because there is no such thing. In the case of ICO and Shadow of the Colossus however, the line between a perfect game and a perfect score was always that bit blurry. Indeed many people will say that the Team ICO developed titles were as close to perfection as one could get in the gaming world and you only have to look at how fondly they are remembered to almost believe it. However, looking rationally at the games we know that they weren’t perfect, that ICO’s very low resolution meant a lot of its fantastic art style was drowned out and Shadow of the Colossus’ low frame rate is stuff of legend. Now, however, Bluepoint Games has taken the fine work of Fumito Ueda and co. and spruced the two titles up, vastly increasing the resolution, improving the frame rate and adding 3D support. So how do they shape up today?

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clearelite2925d ago

Seems about right, nice little review.