Top 10 Game Franchises that Deserve Movie Tie-Ins

A top 10 list of game franchises that should have movie tie-ins. Check to see if your favorite games made the list!

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JaredH2924d ago

Don't worry Universal has Dan Trachtenberg, the creator of the short, signed on to co-write and direct some crime movie with sci-fi elements.

morganfell2924d ago

Homefront already had a movie. And it was far better than the game:

And that is being remade into a piece of money grabbing trash. Like Bethesda they caved and removed the Chinese aspect and made it a ridiculous North Korean invasion. Hey we can't feed our people but watch us invade a Superpower.

boommuffin2924d ago

you do know it was interplay that decided to make the chinese invade the U.S.? Bethesda started from Fallout 3 they didnt have anything to do with the backstory

StraightPath2924d ago

Halo needs to happen with good director Halo can be the new stars wars of this generation. We all saw the live action adverts and how amazing they were.

Paradicia2924d ago

There's been talks of a Halo movie for years now. If it's on the same calibre as the live action ads; shut up and take my money!

mendicant2924d ago

Halo for sure, maybe Gears. They can keep the rest.

JaredH2924d ago

Too bad Halo and Gears were both close to being made into movies a couple years ago but both fell through. Gears even had a script but the budget was too big for a R-rated movie so they dropped it.

Darkfiber2924d ago

Nothing deserves that fate. Game movies are terrible.

Hagaf222924d ago

not only that, but once a vg has a movie, the series is never the same... doom, resident evil, ff etc. The resident evil movies were ok, but the video game series haven't had a good release in years.

boommuffin2924d ago

RE4 was good, RE5 & the wii games i can do without

JaredH2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I liked the first Resident Evil movie and that's it. They just resorted to more and more action and less horror with each iteration(like the games). It's probably the most successful vg movie franchise as a 5th movie is being filmed right now though.

mcstorm2924d ago

99% of them are but hit man Resedent evil final fantasy and tomb reader were good films. I think a halo one could work though.

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The story is too old to be commented.