Dark Souls Review (GameXplain) writes, "Prepare to die. This is the slogan that From Software chose to use in their latest game, Dark Souls. However, prepare to die is the nice way of putting it. In reality you should prepare to be murdered, assassinated, drowned, burned, eaten, poisoned, cursed, mauled…you get the idea. There seems to be no limit to the ways that From Software has imagined to kill players, and I love every single grueling moment of it."

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Dash Reindeer2929d ago

I liked the first one...hopefully this is as good

Bleucrunch2928d ago

This game is good...I did wish it would have stayed exclusive to one console since me and my friends are on opposite sides of the console war (I have all the consoles but I am a sony guy). I am level 50 right now and I can honestly say that I have died at least 100 times in that game....I lost 40K souls last night....pissed me the heck off but I love this game...a definite upgrade to demon Souls.

Arnon2928d ago

That's just selfish. Everyone should be allowed to play this great game.

MysticStrummer2928d ago

Demon's Souls was my favorite game of this generation. Now Dark Souls is. Dark Souls is an improvement in just about every way. Epic.

Tex1172929d ago

This game is brilliant.

The scope of this game surpasses Demon's Souls, but some of the ambition got ahead of itself a little bit.

The open world "castlevania" design is brilliant and the combat is just as satisfying as the Demon's Souls.

Demon's Souls is just a bit smoother all the way around BUT more simple. Simple in online play and mechanics.

I will probably give the nod to Dark Souls over Demon's...wait...ugh...I mean...the other way around...I ugh..shoot. It really is a toss up. Together they are tied for my number 1 games of the generation.

HacSawJimThugin2928d ago

Other than Gears 3, this is my favorite game this year. Totally worth the praise and our money.