‘Online Passes’, You Have Gone Too Far

MediaKick: "Somehow it is us, the customer, who is getting shafted every which way, and it has to stop.”

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farhsa20082925d ago

I could not agree more, when it effects the single player game then there is something seriously wrong.

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disturbing_flame2925d ago

This is robbery.

I wonder if we can suit them.

disturbing_flame2925d ago


Sorry for my english, i mean sue them of course, to take them to court.

I mean this is illegal, the game is our property when we buy it, it has always been like this, we do what we want with it.

Laxman2162925d ago

Actually dude, a game isnt "your property" when you buy it. If you want to think that, thats fine, but dont threaten legal action and claim something is illegal when its stated in writing that when you buy a game, you have only purchased the lisence the play it, you dont own it in any way, shape or form.

SpaceGhost2925d ago

How the fuck is this robbery, look at what happened when sony tried to defend itself, its idiots like you who think they are always in the right taht are causing companies to do this. Companies are going to get tougher and tougher on used games and pirates and this is jsut the first step, sure fight it as hard as you want, the next round will just be tougher and a more of a hinderance. I do agree though that does fuck over a lot of peopel who can't afford internet, or who are in school and don't have a reliable acess to it.

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Hagaf222925d ago

So buying a well made game new is wrong? It cost you nothing more for an online pass if you buy it new.

gamingdroid2925d ago

What if the company decides to remove the activation server? Instantly no longer access to single player.

What about lending the game to your friend?

CRAGE1872925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The answer for these game company is just to go digital download. Honestly it's better than this shit. There is no reason to be selling xbox 360s
with 4 gig HDD for 200 bucks now. The tech is
old enough to sell with 500 gig HDD from both companys for 250 or less. Once they move to large HDD, they can just run through digital Download. Then they can kill the resale market that gamespot has created.

Gamespot is the greater threat to the industry's bottom line than piracy these days, merely because not everyone pirates but I can bet more than 50 percent of the people out there who buy their games new don't keep them in their collection for long.

I wonder if gamefly is hurting them to?

SilentNegotiator2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

"So buying a well made game new is wrong?"

1) That isn't the question at all, and pass-apologists know it. Don't even try that crap.

2) It limits legitimate customers. Most importantly, the number of accounts or systems that it can be played on.

3) It destroys the long term value of a game. In the future, you might replace your system, lose an account, etc; then what? The content is lost unless you buy another pass. And look even farther; I still play consoles several generations old and I'm not alone - So what happens when I buy an old game that I couldn't even get new if I tried? It has half of its content, that's what.

4) I want to try a game before I buy it. Let's say I rent it. But the catwoman gameplay is completely absent. So I've missed like 1/4 or so of the game regardless. Do I brush off my wool, buy the game blindly, and cheerfully 'baaa' as I use up my online pass that locks me into one system or a few accounts? Well, I don't.

Still say it isn't a problem for people who buy new?

GoldenPheasant2925d ago


See there is a lot being done that is nickle and diming the consumer and its being done in the guise of combating used games sales, piracy, or the best one..."to supportz the fanz". One of these is DLC. While all DLC is, is a form of microtransaction for very little meat. Publishers and doing this left right and center and always with some spiel...but at the end of the day, they still make a shitload of money.

Ex. Deus Ex:HR: You go and drop $60 on this game. Now a touch over a month, you get to pay 14.99 for DLC. That is 1/4 of the price for the full game!!!! ...that is bull****!

I really hate where videogames are going, being in this hobby for over 20 years now. 20 years ago it was already shady with some of Jane's releases...really showing how much outside influence there is on our beloved hobby.

dinkeldinkse2924d ago

I would like to add that the DE:HR dlc was obviously taken out of the full game.

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k4rma2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Agreed 1000%

There are three gamers in our household each with their own xbox and profiles. We all chip in to buy games every month, but with these online passes only one of us gets to use the locked out content. We brought the game brand new! It aint fair that two of us dont get to experience it unless we fork out another $10 each. I'm sick of it.

caperjim2925d ago

Online passes will not be around forever. Once games move to digital download only and are tied to a specific profile there wont be online passes.

Developers dont want you to trade in or rent their game. This is their way of making doing so inconvenient. You can still pirate with digital download only games but that isnt as widespread as the used game market.

Saladfax2925d ago

The nice thing is that digital only will create a much more reasonable purchase environment.

Ask anyone who uses Steam with regularity. All big budget games get discounted by at least half eventually, and a lot of times the sales will net greater profit for said developer than the original release.

hiredhelp2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Finally some people see this as a bad thing much like me. not cos pirates thats BS.
Its just another way getting extra revenu you simple,This does not go to the devs dont forget people when you buy a online pass you pay threw xbl or psn.
part of that money go to sony and microsft the other to the publishers distrabution right's.

Its another scam 10 years ago this was never aa issue with second hand market so whats changed now Nothing. you still had gamecube,playstation 2,xbox1.
many titles many developers and publishers many game stores buying selling used games.

As for copy's well thats not too much of a issue on ps3 and last time i heard ms can detect and stop cop's even blocking yur ip no.?

Only way tto make any kinda stand isnt on N4G you need to go to xbox live website and playstation website start a thread. MAKE YOURSELVS HEARD!!
If we choose not to buy the publishers get the message and it will stop same with DLC prices.

We power the industry we pay them..

StraightPath2924d ago

wait what locking out of single player now? this is when i wont give a damn if games get pirated and hacked to pieces, that is gone too far. its a shame Batman AC looks amazing.

Trunkz Jr2924d ago

Just buy the game and stop being cheap.

hiredhelp2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Its that talk that makes this carrying on.

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dangert122925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Never brought a game that supports them...i will easily wait for the price of the game too retail at £20 brand new

@lex luther
if they want to skank we will just be smart ;)

Lex Luthor2925d ago

Yep, that's what i'm starting to do now. I still haven't bought mortal kombat.

Dante1122925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

@ dang

Man, you're gonna miss out on alot of games then. No Batman Arkham City, BF3, UC3, etc.

dangert122925d ago

I prefer single player games but like i said i will just wait for the price to go down


Christmas is round the corner and a lot of stores do have good offers even on new released games.

I learned my lesson when fallout3 came out. two weeks later the special edition was like half price.

I usually buy a game day one if it's a game like skyrim or batman, but I really don't like the direction this is all going and more and more I am holding off.

sikbeta2925d ago

Too bad for you, you're going to miss U3 then and I assure you, it's gonna be Awesome! :P

_Aarix_2925d ago

sucks people hath to have an online pass for uncharted 3 especially without dedicated servers.

All in all games are slowly losing content and quality and we hath to keep paying out the ass.

blackblades2925d ago

All the games I got, I got them for $39.99 or $49.99 first day or 3 week of when the game was released.

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Lord_Sloth2925d ago

I'd actually say piracy and lost prophets for people buying used games has gone too far. They wouldn't be doing this if every1 and their brother wasn't buying games used. You aren't fighting it by buying used. You're adding to it!

Sony3602925d ago

Punishing people who are legally buying it is what's going to far.

Biggest2925d ago

It isn't a punishment. It's a choice. Do you want to play online? Buy the online version. Remember the whole Xbox Live thing? Some people support its existence by explaining the extras you get for paying to play online. This isn't much different. You can pay a little more early (or wait for the price drop to satisfy your frugality AND game experience) and get everything, or you can get the dumbed down version and pay for the extras that should have been there in the first place.

clearelite2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Agree completely and well said. If this is a blow for those that promote the buying and selling of used games(I'm talking big greedy businesses) then I am in favor of it. Devs lose millions of dollars every year because people want to save a few pennies and get ripped off at the same time. I do not feel bad for the people that buy used games IN GENERAL. If you are poor, I feel for you, but a lot of games are cheaper NEW on Amazon and elsewhere.

Hagaf222925d ago

Its quite simple. If you don't feel a game is worth 60 bucks, give it a few months, I have yet to see a game not get a price drop or go on sale somewhere within a few months of release. It's devs/pubs trying to suffocation the used sales market which robs people. If you trade in a relatively new game to GS they give you 30 bucks and turn it for 55, almost 100% profit on their investment. Devs do all the work for GS to make hugely on the games.

gamingdroid2925d ago

Do you realize that places like GameStop most likely employs more people than a single publisher. Their cost is also staggering when you account for all the retail space they occupy.

In contrast, when EA makes $210 million last quarter, I hardly doubt they need the "extra millions" in profit. That will go straight to line the executives pockets.

Did you know EA made likely $10-15 million alone on Online Passes!

Biggest2925d ago

If you're going to count all of the GameStop employees from customer service to shipping, shouldn't you also count all of the EA employees? Or does EA just have a room with 30 dudes imagining, creating, testing, marketing, and shipping games?

GameStop isn't selling used games because that's all they can do. They're doing it to make extra money. . . Guess where the extra money goes! Pro-tip: It doesn't go to the janitor. GameStop can sell new games just like they used to before used game buying/selling took off.

gamingdroid2925d ago

So you do you think that extra money is going to spur EA to hire more people?

Thought so! The money that GameStop makes, a chunk of it goes to operations that again get's redistributed.

You can't exactly say, EA has financial issues making $210 million a quarter, that's about almost a billion annually.

Saladfax2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )


You're probably correct in that EA makes plenty of profit, but at least some of those earnings go back into the development cycle of new games.

Gamestop is a business, and their employees need to eat, live, and whatnot, but their business existence is all about taking a slice out of video game profit.

It's all well and good to vilify EA as a large, nasty, greed-mongering company, but at least they're in the business of games/profit as opposed to just profit.

Minor side note: 210 million in one quarter does not equal billion in a year. It equals 210 in one quarter. Now, if they had consistent quarterly profits, that'd be a different story.

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dark-hollow2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Oh god.

used games are acfually BOUGHT copies and publishers have NO RIGHT to take any cut of it.


Wake up! They want more money!!! They want to milk our pockets in any way possible!!!
Did any of these crazy DLC milking for arkham city give you any hint?

look at the companies who does online passes:


All of them are HUGE companies and they have games that sold MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF COPIES!!!!

gosh!! Sorry for the CAPS RAGE but I hate how consumers are defending those acts.

Lord_Sloth2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I have indeed noticed how companies milk DLC for extra cash, like Fable 3 selling Black Dye as DLC but giving you almost all other colors with the game itself.

Do you know how many games are purchased used now? It's no longer a small problem like it once was. A company that loses millions of dollars finds ways to keep turning a prophet. Millions of dollars results in major budget cuts in the form of... Da da da DAAA! Lost jobs.

Everybody's lookin to make a buck. Grocery stores, fast food shops, Hollywood. Everybody.

This economy is currently shit and all companies are feeling the pressure.

Is it right? No. But it is what it is and the only thing we can do to hope to stop it is to support the company. Protesting by not buying anything will just result in more budget cuts.

Do not rage at me for having a view point that differs from yours. I hate people who rage about such a simple problem when I've been homeless for the last year and only recently gotten back on my feet. You don't hear me pissing and moaning about it.

Good day, sir!

gamingdroid2925d ago

What are you talking about?

EA made $210 million in profit last quarter. They don't feel the pinch of the economy. Heck, the industry and these companies are as large and healthy as they have ever been.

Don't spread FUD! When these companies make almost a billion dollar in profit a year, I highly doubt they need our support. However, if you still feel the need to support them, just donate your own saving, but don't encourage us other to do the same!

Whackedorange2925d ago

Sorry sir but actually you can compare piracy to the used game market cause in both instances the the developer/publisher dont get a dime from either of them and the online pass have come because of that result.

OmegaSlayer2925d ago

Agree 100% Lord Sloth.
This is because Gamestop and used game sellers didn't share with the software house.
They didn't pay and now the user pays.
Have you thought that, especially for game with online sections, the software house pays to keep the users' accounts on the server?
This online pass is good for gamers? No, but gamers can also buy a game new after 6 months and pay it exactly like a used one after 2 week from release.
New games on Amazon after a couple of months costs really less than used on Gamestop.
No good for gamers but fair nonetheless.

KwietStorm2925d ago

Lost prophets? Leave religion out of this.

Lord_Sloth2924d ago

You made me laugh, good sir.

Psychotica2924d ago

Lost prophets?? You mean like Moses? Well he was lost in the desert for 40 years..

Spenok2924d ago

This guy knows what he's talking about.

Listen people.

Sure its never a good thing to have a door slammed shut on you for buying a game perfectly legally. But when you do so in a manner that does nothing to benefit the developer in ANY way. Things like Online passes become necessary for them to make at least a little profit.


Sure, they made 10-15 million from online pass sales alone... but think of it from their perspective. How much do you think they lost due to piracy, used game sales, and friends sharing games? I can tell you one HELL of a lot more then 10-15 million.

Lord_Sloth2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Thank you, good sir. Somebody gets it and I have just used my last bubble to say such!

Spenok2924d ago

Lol no problem man. When someone speaks logicly, and with sound reasoning, and they are getting hit with obvious closeminded bs. They should know it.

Sorry people, but from a business standpoint this all makes sense.

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Sony3602925d ago

Suddenly I don't feel like giving them my money anymore.

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Vortex3D2925d ago

The only way for gamers to reject the online pass is not buy the game. If not, the publishers will see a high sales and will not listen.

And yes, we'll have to miss out a lot of new games. I spoke out about the online pass when EA first introduced it over a year ago. Back then, most gamers just don't care.

smoothdude2925d ago

There is only one game that I will make the exception for, and that is Uncharted 3. If there is an online pass on the box, I will not buy.