Senran Kagura Pillow Has Removable Cups

"Senran Kagura cover ninja Asuka's bust size is 90cm. We know this because it's the first information Marvelous Entertainment shared for the game back at its announcement in April.

If you've never experienced 90 centimeter breasts, Marvelous and monthly gaming magazine Gemaga have just the item for you."

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MultiConsoleGamer2931d ago

Sometimes I'm terribly embarassed by the things that come out of Japan.

Other times I'm shamefully aroused...

LordStig2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

so your embarrassed by this, because it arouses you?
alright, hey people in glass houses and what not :P

lizard812882931d ago

The guy with the pillow pic kills me. It is so funny, lol.

AWBrawler2929d ago

shameful, yet i want one,and i have a girlfriend with D-cups

Kyosuke_Sanada2930d ago


-slams face in pillow-