Popular Online Passes are Taking Over

Online Passes are becoming more and more popular for games, and the reason, as usual, is money. Developers are tired of putting all of the effort into making games and making sure that servers keep running while profiting only on the initial sale of the game. Online Passes give purchasers of pre-owned games incentive to pay the developer for their product. Is this unfair to the customer? You be the judge.

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dangert122924d ago

I've never brought a game that uses them recently became a big pc gamer fan. but i think these may hurt the console game pc gamers dont even have to deal with this

Tony P2923d ago

Yeah, but that's only because we were already forced into buying all our games new a long time ago.

But at least the reason we got was "piracy concerns". On console they do it to spite used game sales, which are perfectly legal and perfectly ethical imo.

I don't feel guilty for buying anything used.

Maybe Gamestop should feel guilty for funneling the money out of the industry. Maybe publishers should feel guilty for finding ways to milk more money from customers.

morganfell2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

I have had a few cars in my life. One or two were used. I don't remember there being a block that stopped the car from operating on the freeway until I paid the original manufacturer a fee.

And when I sold that car or a car I bought new, it functioned fully for the next buyer.

I've bought used books. I don't recall the words being jumbled until I paid the publisher for a pass.

What the entire industry keeps avoiding is this. I have games for which I wouldn't trade anything. Every HALO game and every Metal Gear game to name a couple. If the industry did a better job of not making crap titles that no one wants to finish and have zero replay once you do finish then the used game industry wouldn't be half the problem we now find.

The publishers and devs want to you to shell out $59 a pop for something that is dead in 10 hours. What other form of entertainment do you purchase that involves a physical product you take home but loses functionality once you attempt to sell it?

And outside of the digital realm, what other form of entertainment says once you buy this we are going to deprive you of any ability to get back some of your money when you discover just how bad this product happens to be.

Great games are the best defense against used game sales. Nothing a company can say or do will change that bit of truth.

The reality is that these new online passes are creating more and more Napster incidents. They are feeding the piracy industry by pressure. This year so far I have spent easily over 2K in games, just software, alone. Not everyone can do that and those that cannot, and see their trade in values dropping, will often seek another way in which to compensate.

Homeland is a good example of a case where a company (THQ) should be sued for false advertisement. They billed the game as if it were the second coming of shooters knowing all along the game was really a short lived piece of trash. They spent more on advertisement than on development. Did they ever consider that might be at the heart of the problem?

Kyosuke_Sanada2923d ago

@ Morgan Fell
Man I've been reading your posts for a while and I know it's off-topic but how the hell you only have one bubble because you are one of the few that actually think before stating an opinion.

Morbius4202923d ago

I was just asking myself the same question about Morgan only having one bubble. I think the bubble system is outdated and broken.

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Messatsu2902923d ago

I'm not even buying console games because of this. I just bought Dark Souls because its dark souls and it also doesn't bring any pass bs, but the last game i bought before that was GT5 on launch which was on December... So yeah.. Every time i feel like listing my ps3 and 360 on ebay, because console gaming has gone to shit.

Morbius4202923d ago

I miss the PS2/Xbox/DreamCast generation.

Kyosuke_Sanada2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

It's a damn shame especially how many people forgot the great time we had with complete games last generation. Companies need to realize that if quality game is created it will sell new without the need of leashes on consumers' neck by word of mouth.

After reading the replies in the articles similar to this, it's amazing how people just sit there and accept online passes which is basically free money for doing squat.

Vortex3D2923d ago

The article is inaccurate saying online pass contents aren't DLC because you still need to download the single player contents that aren't on the disc.

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