CNET Reviews Xbox 360 Pro; "Xbox 360 remains the console to beat"

Microsoft's Xbox 360 was the first "next-generation" game console to hit the market in November 2005, beating the Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 3 by a full year. Like its peers, the 360 initially suffered from a somewhat anemic game lineup and some annoying hardware and software limitations. Since its launch, however, the Xbox team has implemented an assortment of incremental improvements, even going so far as to release an updated version of the console. The result, as of fall 2007, is the best version of the Xbox 360 to date. The current model features the HDMI output with 1080p video support that was missing on the original version, as well as a host of other tweaks and improvements to the system's underlying software. Best of all, the 360 now boasts the largest--and many would argue, the best--game lineup. In addition to great games such as Assassin's Creed and Call of Duty 4, the 360 is the only console where you can play such must-have exclusive titles as Halo 3, BioShock, Gears of War, and Mass Effect. Add to that a host of impressive digital media features, including an add-on HD DVD movie player and a decent online selection of downloadable pay-per-view HD movies and TV shows.

The good: Superior selection of games, including several console-exclusive titles; all games in high-definition; user-friendly Dashboard interface; excellent online gaming and communications via Xbox Live; plays hundreds of (but not all) original Xbox titles; doubles as a superior digital media hub and Windows Media Center extender; online Marketplace allows for easy purchases of downloadable full-scale games, mini-games, movies, and TV shows; latest version offers HDMI output with 1080p support.

The bad: Early versions of the console prone to "red ring of death" system crash; noisy exhaust fan and DVD drive; gigantic oversize power supply; no built-in wireless networking or flash media reader; DVD playback has substandard video quality; support for next-gen HD DVD movies requires a bulky external accessory; 20GB hard drive fills up very quickly; online gaming requires a paid subscription to Xbox Live.

The bottom line: With its extensive digital media features, a superior online service, and an excellent game library, the Xbox 360 remains the game console to beat.

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HeavyweightInTheGame3987d ago

While the PS3 is a better built system, it is the games that makes or breaks a console. Even though PS3 has some great games on it, I have to agree that the 360 has got a tremendous amount of quality titles on it which is the main reason that my 360 gets a lot more action than my PS3.

PMR_213987d ago

u just said that U love it when Bill Gates t-bags you

BIoodmask3987d ago

It is spot on with the reference to games catalog. There are a lot of quality titles that are out now that can even be bought at bargain prices from last year.

And I think that Xbox live is a quality service. I used to play online on the PC most of the time, but now I have pretty much switched over to LIVE for online gaming.

The only issue the 360 ever had was the harware reliability. Microsoft has taken measures through hardware revisions as well as extended warranties to rectify that however.

Zhuk3987d ago

The Xbox 360 definitely is the pinnacle of next generation console gaming and is the best console since the Dreamcast. There are so many great AAA titles out these holidays, combined with a great price tag, the best graphics and the best online thanks to the revolutionary Xbox Live service (5 years and going strong!) it is easy to see why the Xbox 360 is now the benchmark that the other consoles are trying to beat

bootsielon3987d ago

The dreamcast was underwhelming.

"The Xbox 360 definitely is the pinnacle of next generation console gaming.....the Xbox 360 is now the benchmark"

You seem to learn well from all the crap that marketers feed you. Phrases like "pinnacle of" and "the benchmark for" are mainly used by marketers. Viral Marketing has surely worked well with MSFT; they don't even have to pay you for all the service you're doing for them. Kind of a reason to get a life instead of sounding like a robot every time you post while at the same time not being able to make a point by defending it thoroughly.

Not that I have anything against Xbox 360... just against all the diahrrea Zhuk spews form his mouth.

PopEmUp3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

Zhuk is a Dreamcast fanboy so just give him a chance sine he's a special

*Zhuk it time for your med*

nupes983987d ago

How old is video review. I think its from launch.

TheMART3987d ago

"The current model features the HDMI output with 1080p video support that was missing on the original version"

Although on component (depends on the HDTV) it can run 1080p also, VGA for sure on any screen. Also what I think is good, that with VGA the 360 can scale and output the signal in exact the resolution of the monitor/TV. I can just pick up my 360, go to a friend that has no HDTV or maybe TV at all and plug it right into the PC monitor, put the 360 on the right resolution and game away. Great stuff

paul_war3987d ago (Edited 3987d ago )

I thought the 360 could only output 1080p through HDMI?

I'm happy though, my old one broke (no picture), took it back to the store & they just gave me a brand new one with HDMI!

With VGA there is no backwards compatability! Found that out the hard way.

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The story is too old to be commented.