Hardware Review: Fanatec Forza Motorsport CSR Wheel - Citizen Game

Serious investment required for the serious simulation racing driver.

Fanatec’s new CSR range provides by far the best simulation racing experience on the Xbox 360 and the multiplatform capability makes these products very attractive to any racing fan playing on multiple platforms.

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Laxman2162923d ago

Damn, wish I had space in the room where I play games to fit this. Playing with a good wheel and pedal setup lets you experience good racing sims on a whole other level.

Projekt7tuning2922d ago

I have a few cheap race seats left over from my shop. I had them as display seats for the "Ricers" out there. I mounted the bottom half of office chairs on them for people to sit in as they waited for their cars too. I have been thinking about using one of them to make a sim setup. But to do it the way I really would want, it's too expensive. I have an older Logitech force feedback wheel and peddles I use now for iRaceing and GT5. But I would love to switch to these and build a whole setup with my cheap race seats. It's convincing the wife to let me spent that kind of money that's going to be the hardest part lol. Things were so much simpler before marriage lol.

VonBraunschweigg2923d ago

A Fanatec Rennsport wheelstand with a Logitech Driving Force GT, 200 bucks and you're all set, 900 degrees and very good FF. Add another 100-150 and you'll have a G25-G27 set up.
Proper wheel support is the most important thing in sim racing, and should be available in different price ranges. The original MS wheel wasn't any good and has been discontinued, the new wireless MS wheel is terrible, Kinect is a joke and this new Fanatec set up is just too expensive. Perhaps MS and Turn 10 should catch up on this important aspect first, Jeremy Clarkson and his camera angles do not really matter when good, affordable wheels are not available.

Si-Fly2922d ago

Too expensive for who? You? I'm personally waiting to add a Fanatec CSR Elite to my rig to (probably) replace my GT2. I don't really buy many games apart from racers so I don't mind splashing out on equipment for them.

VonBraunschweigg2922d ago

For who? For most Forza fans ofcourse, the vast majority does not want to pay this price for a good wheel and pay extra for pedals. You can disagree all you want, but most Forza fans are stuck in the middle, the affordable wheels suck, using a controller or Kinect for a sim is madness and this wheel here is too expensive for most of them, me included. I have a 360 but no Forza games. The reason: no good wheel available in the mid-price range, say 150-250 Euros/USD. With GT5, you can hook up pretty much all the wheels you want, the standard Driving Force GT is an excellent start, 100-150 bucks, looks great too. Forza doesn't have that, it's either a goofy MS wheel or an expensive Fanatec, there's nothing in between and yes, I'm sure that's a problem for a lot of people interested in Forza.

Si-Fly2922d ago

If you're restricted by budget you can get a CSR and Fanatec standard pedals for €290, that gives you an awesome wheel and a set of pedals better than a DFGT. And of course you can upgrade your pedals in the future.

pennywhyz2923d ago

yes i'm using wheel stand pro when i;m done it folds up

likedamaster2919d ago

If I had the money I wouldn't even consider it, I'd just buy it.