Jaffe: Public Multiplayer Betas “Hurt Sales”, No Beta For Twisted Metal

While public betas for multiplayer games has become a common practice with many developers over the past few years, don’t expect EatSleepPlay’s latest endeavor to follow the trend. In response to a question on Twitter, director David Jaffe confirmed that they have no plans to offer a beta for Twisted Metal.

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zeal0us2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

BF3 had 25k pre-orders cancel during the beta. Regardless the game still going to sell like 25k orders really going to hurt a game that probably will sell over 3mil+.

dark-hollow2928d ago

It's not necessary.
we don't have a figure about how much people will buy BF3 because they've tried the beta.

Mr Tretton2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

"BF3 had 25k pre-orders cancel during the beta."

But who knows how much sales may have increased because of the beta. Also the beta is helping them correct problems so the game doesn't fall flat at launch with bad press, effectively ruining future sales.

preorders are cancelled randomly all the time too, for whatever reason.

I think Jaffe doesn't have the confidence for there to be a beta. Also, what's hurting his game is him opening his mouth all the time. Betas hurt sales if your core game is not good. People will look past bugs, they understand it's a beta, it's about the core game, which is basically a DEMO.

Ethereal2928d ago

The average gamer does not understand the word beta. It might as well be called a demo in their eyes.

NukaCola2928d ago


You are so right. Beta means you play a piece of a game and report all its flaw so it releases closest to perfection as possible. It isn't a demo that you play and then hate on the game for it being messed up. People play the beta of BF3 and get pissed at its issues. Why? You need to report that stuff to their site so they can fix it. BETAs need to be closed to limited people who are dedicated gamers so they will actually ensure the game is releasing solid and not a mess.

Pacman3212928d ago

I cancelled my pre-order. I know it's only a beta but i realised that there are too many good games coming out and im only able to get a few on their release date, so i decided to pre-order Uncharted 3 instead.

rob60212928d ago

The thing is battlefield used smoke and mirrors and over-hyped the graphics, once the beta hit the truth was out. Having a beta shouldn't be a problem for most games, in fact it should help sales.

sack_boi2928d ago

Sorry but when you release a "beta" 2 weeks before your game is out, it's a demo!

Starcraft 2 beta, was a beta
Diablo 3 Beta is a beta
Uncharted 3 beta was a beta
Gears 3 beta was a beta

Battlefield 3 beta was a demo
Resistance 3 beta was a demo
Jaffe is a tool (no offense Jaffe).

Arnon2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

How can something that is a month to two months old be considered a demo, when its not even the latest code? Not to mention that the bugs present in the beta were confirmed to not be in the final release? NOT TO MENTION that the beta was strictly released to test load the network? Not. To. Mention. That its already confirmed that a texture pack will be released with the game, confirming that the beta was NOT a final representation?

This is why developers shouldn't release open betas to console gamers. The majority of them believe "if its playable, its not only a demo, but a final representation of the game."

DirtyLary2928d ago

Poeple and their made up internet rumors.

One guy pulls this out of his ass and the lemmings run with it.

NewMonday2928d ago

when i recently played the BF3 beta along with 6 others of my friends and family (who all loved BFBC2), only I and my broth understood that this is not the final game because we follow gaming news, all the others were mainstream players who this this was a demo and a representation of the final game.

Biggest2928d ago

You highlighted why Jaffe's statement makes sense, newmonday. The general public doesn't know much about products unless they're told what to know. Ignorant consumers don't understand a testing phase. The beta phase should be left to people with the actual intention of testing and reporting. You'd need Microsoft type marketing to convince consumers to buy a "broken" product, which is what a beta usually is.

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Hufandpuf2928d ago

from the BF3 beta. They rather not show the ugly side of TM, it sacrifices extensive testing for more sales.

admiralvic2928d ago

He has a lack of faith in the product. I remember downloading the ratchet and clank beta and YES it was bad, but it proved that this works. Ultimately when you look at these figures... there are all kinds of reasoning. However I dont plan on getting into that.

nondecaf2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

@multi No where because he never said that the title is wrong.

iamtehpwn2928d ago

In fairness, how many betas have increased preorders?

StanLee2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Gears of War 3's springs to mind. After Gears of War 2's multiplayer fiasco, Epic needed to rebuild the fanbase's trust in the multiplayer, which they did. Preorders skyrocketed after the beta launched.

MariaHelFutura2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Don't give OPEN betas. Why? Cause journalist are sensationalist who are blood thristy for hits and in general the public are uneducated, judgemental morons who have zero knowledge of the steps a game can go through.

PooEgg2928d ago

Well it isn't generally the real game journalist who hate on a beta, it is the wannabe game journalist. True game journalist understand that it is unethical to review an unfinished beta.


It works both ways,if u relase a BAD beta like BF3 ur sales will drop but if u relase a GOOD beta like uncharted3 ur sales will rise. But since this is the first twisted metal coming to the PS3 i will save my opinion till i play it,I always loved the twisted metal games on ps1/2 when i was a child so if they can keep the formula that made the ps1/2 games a hit im sure they will have a hit in there hands with the ps3.

Urrakia342928d ago

Good beta like Uncharted 3? I'm not sure which beta you were playing but UC3 had a sh*tload of errors that the majority of gamers couldn't even connect to a game. Beta had sooooo many issues but they all got fixed. People just whined about BF3's graphics and couldn't understand that it was only a beta.

NewMonday2927d ago

ND made a big and quick fix the first day, only scattered minor issues left, if they were late in fixing them it could have gone wrong. they were smart and didn't give bloggers much fodder.

Number_132928d ago

PS3 exclusive, so when he says there's no beta, it becomes a generally acceptable practice on N4G. Now there are going to be hundreds of comments agreeing with David and showing us proof on why betas are bad.
Later on when he changes his mind or another ps3 exclusive gets a beta, the same people are going to tell us how awesome betas are and why they are absolutely a must for any multiplayer game and that SONY is awesome for doing that.

solar2928d ago

it hurts sales if your game sucks.

saladthieves2928d ago

His logic is right..on the count that the beta would turn out bad, giving people an easy decision not to buy the game.

On the other hand, the beta is an easy way to increase their fanbase for the game to newcomers.

Prophet-Gamer2928d ago

The fact is most people don't understand what a Beta is and think it's a demo. When they see a problem they assume it's part of the game and thus loose interest when, in fact, the POINT of a beta is to fix those issues. That's the problem with public betas, the general public is too stupid and/or uninformed.

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Ducky2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

They only hurt sales if you release a crappy beta.

... and if a developper cares about getting player input towards improving a game, then a public beta is the way to go... unless if their priority is sales or feel that they already have a fair understanding of what their fans want.

Philaroni2928d ago

That is the issue with betas, there should be issues lots of them in fact, the point of them is to find and fix as many of them before the game launches. Betas are not for us, they are a tool developers can use to fine tune there product and get feedback.

dark-hollow2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

So make it invite only beta.
Releasing a bugged beta for everyone and their mother to download is a bad idea.

there is a lot of average joes out there who don't know that beta is supposed to have some bugs.

So if you signed to a closed beta, waited for the activation code to be sent to your email, then the odds that you know what is a "beta" are pretty huge.

Philoctetes2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

When you release an open beta a month before the game launches, it's mainly for marketing purposes, not for bug-hunting. It's amazing that more people don't realize that -- game developers certainly do.

Edit: I was obviously thinking of BF3 when I wrote this, but it applies even more strongly to KZ3. That "beta" sucked ass, and sure enough the retail release sucked too. It's not possible to completely re-tool a game a few weeks before it launches.

BlackTar1872928d ago

Beta are meant to have problems so you can fix them. i agree with him int he sense Consoles kids treat betas like demo or final products and diss them like they were supposed to be problem free.

Sorry but console kids missed the step in video game college that a beta was supposed to be so now they write a million articles roasting the game instead of being helpful they hurt the said product more then they help. Plus most of the people who write these articles and complain never even personally take the time to report the problems in any other way but sensationalism journalism. My 2 cents still sad no beta.

Urrakia342928d ago

Stop being a prick by calling people "console kids." I only own console, but I fully understand what a beta is.

BlackTar1872928d ago

I own all consoles and a PC i game 70/30 consoles . Don't be so sensitive. This is true since Betas have made there way to consoles the Console "crowd" act like they have no idea what its about. This is as far as its concerned to me TRUTH. All my friends who i grew up with never got into games as much when they were young so they Console Kids are still in there 20's-30's. Anyways I would like to comment on your avatar and say Packers all the way.

but seriously don't be so serious it's a term this si the introwebz lighten up a bit.

Rule of thumb you want people to not name call well then take a page out of your own book.

Klipz-Wish2928d ago

Played this game at the Sony Holiday Event in Toronto games very fun, I actually think a beta would be positive for this game because it'll allow a lot of people to try it. Who wouldn't have otherwise.

christoph2032928d ago

I think he's right when I play a beta I feel like ive had my fix, and there's not much point in getting the full game.. for a game like twisted metal it makes perfect sense

Ducky2928d ago

I don't see how it makes sense for a twisted metal game.

I might get my fix for a week, but the craving and/or withdrawal symptoms are going to kick in soon after.

I bought TM:Black on released and still played the game every now and then even at the start of the current gen. The challenge of the game always brought me back for more.

clearelite2928d ago

I hope they don't think R3 is selling somewhat slowly in the US because of the Beta. If anything it probably helped. Lack of public awareness on the other hand....

girlwithturn2928d ago

Because there is a lot of other exclusives, not 2 for whole year.

clearelite2928d ago

Yes, I'm sure that had something to do with it. Just another thing to divert people's attention. I'm guessing a whole bunch of people have short attention spans and need to be constantly reminded of what to buy.