C.A.R.S - New Build Released + New Drooling Screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "In addition, we have some amazing new screenshots that top every racer game out there. The level of detail on these cars is really amazing and according to the devs, most of the cars are made of 250.000 polygons and run in-game in this kind of quality. So yeah, no photomode or replay tricks, this is actually in-game car models."

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Pandamobile2927d ago

"most of the cars are made of 250.000 polygons and run in-game in this kind of quality. So yeah, no photomode or replay tricks, this is actually in-game car models."

Sweet Jesus.

dark-hollow2927d ago

Doesn't gt5 and forza 4 had higher polygons count for the cars?

Orpheus2927d ago

Extremely high poly models are reduced to lesser polygon models but the normals of the original polygons are preserved so that they can be used for light calculation or shading. So if those GT5 or Froza4 models contained more poly it must have been in the original models b4 the reduction. Look into the pics they say it all.

The other point is these cars are tessellated, their polygon count increase if u zoom in .... look at the interiors up close :-)

dark-hollow2927d ago

Ahh tessellation...
I hope next gen consoles use it in their games.

ProjectVulcan2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Yup what Orpheus has said, in that these developers might build very high detail polygon meshes but they never get used in actual gameplay, just photo mode or auto vista. The console is simply not powerful enough to do that detail in gameplay. PC is. This is an in game Forza model. This is a photo mode model swapped into make the game look far better along with a bunch of extra post processing.

Note the massively improved detail in the photo mode mesh over the ACTUAL gameplay one.....all the curves and round lamps, grills, and interior are hugely improved over the gameplay model. See how the jaggies are gone, lots of AA dumped on top, vastly improved lighting/reflections/soft shadows. The game never looks that good in gameplay, clearly.

So what is achievable in a PC game now are extreme detail models in game. No mesh swapping LOD, improved lighting and super anti aliasing tricks. What you see in these shots is exactly what you get on track!

ambientFLIER2927d ago

Vulcan - going by the pic titles, the first shot is from Forza 2, and the second from Forza 3...

DarkKinght2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Vulcanproject. thats odd my game dont look like that in game ; Also it would help if you had the same game :P You can tell by the helmet the driver is wearing.

ProjectVulcan2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Yes you are right my apologies, the links came out wrong although my intention was honest so i can and will correct it.... THIS is definitely a high geometry model on forza

Whereas THIS is definitely the gameplay model. What i said is still the same though, if anything the difference are more apparent. Gameplay model headlight is very sqaure sided! The number of polygons used must be more than halved.

Forza models vary a lot between what is shown in gameplay and what is seen in menus or photo modes. GT5 isn't much different. The highest quality models reserved for menus and showrooms etc never make it into the racing.

So when it comes to this game it is reassuring that what you see is what you get!

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theonlylolking2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

Yeah, I have noticed in Forza 4 that there is a huge difference between autovista and in-race car graphics.

In photomode in GT5 the only thing I noticed is that there is better AA and reflections are way better than in the races.

john22927d ago

They sure say that they have higher but the best thing to do is to simply put them side by side. For example, if you didn't know the 'namely' polygon count, which cars would you think looked better?

Notice the round wheels for example in C.A.R.S and the attention to detail. In fact, everything looks so smooth and 'round-ish'

ambientFLIER2927d ago

Well duh...the Autovista models are of more than 1 million polygons each, and the race models are about half that...Neither the xbox nor the ps3 could run multiple million-polygon cars in actual race modes.

Orpheus2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

4 cars with 4 character models and the terrain say

1+1+2 = 4 million poly per frame

The foliage seems to be rendered in 3d too ... i guess no use of sprites , and probably tessellated leaves (which may not be the case)

Hell Toy Story 1 had 5-7 millions !!! But I guess the frames of scenes in the road had sth like this value who knows but we r sooo close.

Shadowaste2927d ago

Where are all the jaggies all over the place???? Look at all those straight lines with ZERO artifacts.....what gives?

ohh....pc game....I get it now!

Looks amazing!

mupmup2927d ago

nice looking rides!!

blinky772927d ago

Looks nice, but if it plays like Shift 2, its status as a simulator is debatable.

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