Preview: "Battlefield 3" Is Shaping Up To Be The Best In The Franchise Yet

Besides completely wrecking the competition in multiplayer, Complex got to enjoy the single player campaign and co-op modes for this preview.

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Im a Cod fan and i will buy CodMW3 but i admit i do enjoy BF games and i think BF will be a great game. But im just to addicted to the fast pace arcade action online. Either way its nice to see BF3 will be AAA..The more FPS in the market the better since im a huge FPS fan.

narutogameking2926d ago

Ur right. BF3 will be a great game but its nowhere near as fun as Modern Warfare 3.

Arnon2926d ago

Of course it is. This is why public betas shouldn't be released, especially to console gamers. They're not meant for us. They're present to correct any issues with the game. In this sense, it was to test load the network.

High resolution textures weren't included. Only one map/mode was available for play, and a small portion of guns were available... And still somehow, people based the final product on all of this, even after they stated not to.

DA_SHREDDER2926d ago

I played beta's that weren't the same as the final product, but the fact is that it takes months, not weeks, to fine tune and fix all the issues that remain. The fact that BF3 was supposed to be a game changer is the reason why it gets all the judgment against it. But that's what happens when you compare yourself to the greatest, if you don't live up to the hype then you will forever be in the shadow of your competitor.

Arnon2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

DICE already confirmed that the bugs that were in the beta have already been removed in the final product. The beta was of old code, it was not a "new beta".

They had a more recent version of the game that was polished even before that beta was released. I have friends who have played the full version of the game at conventions such as PAX (on consoles) that know for sure the game is much different from the beta.