1UP Give Gears Of War PC: 7/10

Big, loud, violent, profane, and tons of brainless fun, Gears of War is like the movies Schwarzenegger used to make before he became emperor of California.

Epic Games, veteran PC developer behind the Unreal franchise, was charged with making a showcase action game for the Xbox 360, and Gears delivered big-time when it came out last year.

Now, PC gamers get to see what the big deal was about, and the results are...oddly mixed.

Unquestionably, Epic tried hard to do PC gamers right -- superhigh resolutions, solid new single- and multiplayer content, mouse/keyboard support.

But it's likely that many PC gamers will still wonder what the big deal was, because Gears feels like exactly what it is: a console port.

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MK_Red4010d ago

I knew there was something wrong with 1UP lately. I know it's their opinion but shouldn't review sites be professional instead of personal? Gears is definitly worth much more than 7.
1UP doing a score stunt for more traffic and attention... Again.

predator4010d ago

that they are, but i suppose its exactly the same as the 360 version apprt from new chapters, i think they didnt like the controls or sumit thats y it got a 7, oh and also its to much of a port.

oh well, i just hope epic dont screw the 4 mill plus 360 owners and give them the dlc of these chapters.

riqued4010d ago

No, the game is not on the 360. MS didn't paid them to include windows.

TheMART4010d ago

I'm not sure about that man. Really, without making fun out of anything, I can see what they mean with these comments:

"What made intuitive sense with the 360 controller is much harder to compute with a keyboard and mouse in hand, where it just seems limiting and wrong for those of us used to complete freedom of movement. It's a mechanic that I suspect will just fundamentally turn off many PC gamers."

That could be a big turn off actually. The graphics might be in a higher resolution, but if the gameplay is less then the controller on the 360. On the other hand: plug in the 360 controller in the PC then!

"Microsoft's Games for Windows Live service -- which, in its current state, utterly blows"

That's a problem also. The 360 Live service runs like a charm for me, but I can imagine it pretty much sucks if you play Gears on PC and the online part isn't working properly.

MK_Red4010d ago

About Live, You've got a good point Mart.
360 Live is popular and great service but PC Live has more than few problems but the biggest one is that PC gamers used to play online games long before consoles and there was no problem and no need for things like Live. PC multiplayer was always free and easy to use. Live for PC is the worst thing MS has ever done.

As for controls and other stuff, I think 1UP is being unfair. The game feels just right on PC and is still very fun. The graphics are mindblowing on high end PCs.
In the end, Gears on PC deserves a 8.5 at the very least (Live and online being main problems).

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felidae4010d ago

Gears is done ..

welcome Uncharted .. the new king of graphics and animations

predator4010d ago

i think u ment crysis there mate not uncharted.

mesh14010d ago

what dev in its right mind wud use naughty dogs engine for its game ? hahaha imagine bioshock looking like a cartoon made a platic ,imagine gears of war lookingplastic,imagine mass effect looking plastic ? and other devs that have paid epic for the ue3 dude uncharted is insane u just have to look at assassins creed and u will laugh on uncharted graphics

CrazzyMan4010d ago

predator, you can run 3DMark, if you care about crysis. Same laggy stuff. =)


i think u ment crysis there mate not uncharted.

naw son, get of det crysis sh1t, drakes the king for now, and soon next year killzone 2 is going to be with other ps3 games

predator4010d ago

well all i can say to u is that ur blind, ive played all 3 and crysis is the best, by quite a bit, there is no match, anybody besides fanboys will agree

fredy4010d ago

big Turd, on all threads saying Crysis can't hold a candle to KZ2, uncharted, ff13 and sh#t, as if he has played them games....

What a turd...

What Crysis manages to do, I don't think any Console will ever do better with all the limitations. Technically nothing will come close.

256 megs of gpu ram on the Ps3, LOL

you know how many limitations a console has, while PC's get better every f$%ken year?

What a joke..

v1c1ous4010d ago

When Gears of War came out, people were shocked a 3rd person shooter could handle so well and provide such an immersive experience.

it was another great effort by a developer that a great shooter can happen on a console, not just PCs.

everything about gears was new and shiny. then comes the PC version which made, if you think about it, minimal upgrades. better graphics and a couple new chapters, but still the same gears.

i think 1up got caught up too much in their remembrance of when they first played GoW on 360, and weren't as impressed. a tiny bit harsh scoring i would say.

demolitionX4010d ago

what a joke!!!!pc version is better than 360 one and they gave it low score!!!

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