gamrReview: Sesame Street: Once Upon a Monster Review

gamrReview: "Double Fine Productions have managed to create that rarest of monsters: a superb quality children’s licensed game. Tim Schafer and the team have certainly done his daughter proud."

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swirldude2931d ago

Your inner cookie monster is pleased. Admit it.

Spectator12931d ago

He doesn't eat many cookies in the game tho, kinda disappointing that :(

BeardedGamerShow2931d ago

It was very fun at E3, glad to see that made it into the final product.

MultiConsoleGamer2931d ago

I thought it deserved a little better. Its a great family and kids game.

barefootgamer2931d ago

It looks adorable! I'm a bit too old for Sesame Street though. ;)

Kantor2931d ago

Briefly, and only briefly, I lost faith in Double Fine.

But it seems that if anyone can make a licensed Kinect game good, it's Double Fine.

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