Five Cancelled Games That Could Have Been Great

"It’s been some time, but I remember a friend of mine and myself were raving about this new fighter that would be coming out called Thrill Kill. The key feature I remember was you could rip your opponents arm off and beat them to death with it and boasted four player action. It was not long after that when we found out the game was cancelled. Of course (thanks to the internet) you can download a leaked version of the game and play it all you want. It’s strange and almost unhealthy… the way you feel when you find out that a game you were so hyped for has been cancelled. Based on all the info you’ve been digging up, all the trailers you’ve watched over and over again, all the magazine clippings you have posted on your cork-board, and that sweet tattoo you planned on getting based on the game’s logo, you’ve put a lot of time and effort to be able to play that game. Now you look at your calender with the huge red arrows and circle around that fateful date and realize, “What now?!” You now have an entire day that at one time was scheduled for you to pick up that game and play it until you passed out on the couch in your underwear. Perhaps you should just shrug and go along with your day and get hyped for another game, but what if that title doesn’t see the light of day?!? You’ve been stung once and it sucked, but maybe it will happen again. Well, let’s all wear our best blacks and mourn five games that could have been great, had they been released."

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Sidology2928d ago

I was probably going to flip the Hell out of MegaMan Legends 3 wasn't on the list.

RoboSpiff2928d ago

ha ha, yeah, that one was really the inspiration for this article.

BiggCMan2928d ago

Really good list. I would also like to add one more, Eight Days. That game had so much going for it, I wouldn't be surprised if it was actually finished completely either. Some other publisher should really pick that game up. Just look at this video, from 5 YEARS AGO!!

RoboSpiff2928d ago

wow, 8 days does look pretty sweet.

Relientk772928d ago

Agree, Megaman Legends 3 was wrongfully cancelled. Capcom should still make it

AronDeppert2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Shenmue III...I knew it. Lol

RoboSpiff2928d ago

im that easy to read huh?

Relientk772928d ago

I would have loved Starcraft: Ghost, I dont understand why Blizzard canceled it.

RoboSpiff2928d ago

just one of those unsolved mysteries...

Relientk772928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

Like how hot dogs come in packages of 10, while hot dog buns come in packages of 8 lol


trikster402928d ago

Because it was really, really bad. Trust me, I actually played the multiplayer version of it at a Gamestop Manager's Conference earlier this decade. It was horrible. It reminded me a lot of Oni for the PS2...and it wasn't even as good as Oni, and Oni wasn't very good.

Blizzard had absolutely nothing to do with this game, they contracted the game out to another developer, and that developer was ruining the Starcraft name. THAT is why they canceled it.

iamnsuperman2928d ago

Star wars battlefront III. I remember Star wars Battlefront I and II. Good games. I hope III surfaces soon.

RoboSpiff2928d ago

my fingers are crossed.

marioPSUC2928d ago

Im dying to play it, I just cant see them not making one right now, but I sure wish they'd show it, cause we all know they were working on it at Pandemic (before it closed up and the leaked footage then came out) every year I get my hopes up for them to show it at E3 and every year Im disappointed

LOLconsoles2928d ago

Final Fantasy Versus XIII

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The story is too old to be commented.