Microsoft: No evidence XBL accounts compromised following reports

VGW: Individuals have reported problems with their Xbox LIVE accounts showing hundreds of dollars of FIFA related DLC, but a Microsoft spokesperson says that the company has no evidence that accounts have been compromised.

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Number_132922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Yeah, and "I did not have sexual relations with that woman."
In other words. . .

gamingdroid2922d ago

I will believe it when I see more reports instead of like what seems to be a handful of accounts.

That said, for all we know, it could be among the same batch of username/passwords that were attempted on PSN this past week. Difference being you can't buy games through the web on PSN.

Anon19742922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Yeah, we've heard this before. Way back when XBL accounts were hijacked using a Windows Live exploit, god knows how many XBL accounts were compromised, MS just said "Nothing to see here, folks!" When an independent security firm verified that XBL accounts were being hijacked, MS said "Um.. We'll look into it." Nothing else was ever publicly said on MS's end.

Bear in mind, this is MS we're talking about. It seems there's a windows security patch once a week. IE security had holes you could drive trucks through. If anyone can keep security breaches quiet, it's Microsoft.

They've had enough practice over the years.

death2smoochie2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

"Yeah, we've heard this before."

Yup we did...Or at least from a company that did not tell consumers until the problem escalated about a MAJOR security breech....I wonder who that is.............

Funny how you said nothing when PSN was hacked and Sony did not inform its customers for WEEKS about the breech and possible personal and financial data lost.
Seems you said nothing about that.


Good god man do you troll everything MS related?
We know you're a die hard Sony fan, but don't make it so obvious.

You're such a hypocrite darkride. You blast MS for this situation in which NONE of us know the full details about this situation as of the moment, YET YOU give Sony a major PASS when they PURPOSELY withheld the breech information form its PSN consumers for weeks....Dude. You're sad.

Neko_Mega2922d ago

Did you ever read why Sony didn't let people know right away? Because if you didn't, I wouldn't say anything if I were you.

Because Sony found out they might have been hacked, called the FBI and when the knew they were hacked. They let people know, it be pretty dumb to tell everyone that your company got hacked an later find out it wasn't.

death2smoochie2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )


Sony already knew they were hacked and THEN contacted the proper authorities at that point.
Sony said NOTHING to INFORM PSN users untill later...which could have meant even more data lost for PSN users as time passed.
They knew WELL before they contacted the FBI.

Read this link to show you:

(And Sony's damage control went full speed ahead once they ADMITTED the issue and said they waited BECAUSE it was in the best interest of the investigation...which is laughable because they did not get together with the FBI until almost a WEEK LATER. So NO investigation was happening at that point obviously as the FBI had no details as to what happened.

Bottom line: Sony tried to keep it quiet...until it was to big to keep quiet.

" Sony Corp waited two days after discovering data was stolen from its video game network before contacting law enforcement and did not meet with FBI officials until FIVE DAYS LATER."

"The company's general counsel gave the FBI information about the breach on April 22, the company said in the letter to the subcommittee on Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade.
The letter was dated May 3, and signed by Kazuo Hirai, chairman of the board of directors of Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC."

They KNEW well before hand and even WAITED to meet with the FBI.

"Accusations that Sony was slow to react to the hack and didn't do enough to protect customers' data will likely only be strengthened by the firm's admission that it not only waited two days to tell law enforcement about the security breach, bit didn't meet with the FBI until five days later."



"And as for reporting things, MS never came clean about things like Vista or the RRoD. They only kept selling them while trying to fix them."

And guess what while we are at bringing up the past about CORPORATIONS.
Sony never EVER admitted the DRE issue AND never EVER gave compensation to users UNTIL THEY WERE SUED. 4 YEARS LATER.

Come to think of it, Sony also never came clean about DRM ROOT KIT SCANDAL ALSO...Until they got SUED AGAIN. Then they admitted court.

Heck you even have the "exploding battereis" situation from Sony and Dell, where Sony at first tried to dodge the blame and pin it on Dell...and Dell trying to blame all of Sony. THEY BOTH finally agreed to take responsibility: LATER.

MS, SONY, DELL, and the rest are all the same.

dirtrider2922d ago

glad someone else has finally admitted to seeing darkrides nothing but trolling posts. hes such a whine baby, and is always usually in 360 news writing that same kinda BS, or he will act like a financial wizard and pull numbers and reports from his ass, and troll with them. you are right smoochie he is SAD. which he would stay out of 360 threads-

all he does is troll them and he has made it clear hisself he hates micro and the 360.

Mnemonic-DK2922d ago

"...and Sony did not inform its customers for WEEKS about the breech..."

I'm sorry, but if you want to be taken seriously, please get your facts straight before going off an a tirade like that.

The intrusion was detected on the 19th, PSN was shut down the 20th and the post above is from the 23rd - That is - at worst - 4 days - not WEEEEEEEEEKS!

If you knew anything about network and systems security, you would realise that is extremely fast - If you don't believe me, look at how RSA Security - a previously trusted security firm - took 2 month to inform their customers of a security breach:

I would suggest you listen to "The sarcastic gamers blue show #140" - it is a very good walkthrough of the PSN hack, and you might actually learn something.

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gamingdroid2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Do you have a source for that claim?

Also, MS security track record isn't as bad as people think.

"Apple’s Snow Leopard Is Less Secure Than Windows, But Safer"

"Internet Explorer is Safer than Google Chrome and Firefox"

edit: @death2smoochie

"On June 3, 2011, was hacked, resulting in over a million passwords and e-mail addresses being stolen"

The list was available on the LulSec website and I browsed through it. The email and password was available in plain text i.e. it was stored unencrypted in the database.

Even amateur website these days store their passwords encrypted, surprised a big corporation isn't....

The type of data lost:

"LulzSec says it was able to expose passwords, e-mail addresses, home addresses, birthdates, and all Sony opt-in data associated with users' accounts. In some cases, the exposed personal information included home telephone numbers. The Associated Press on Thursday contacted several users by telephone based on information included in LulzSec's sample. The AP confirmed that at least some of the exposed information was genuine.

Beyond user information, LulzSec also exposed 75,000 music redemption codes, 3.5 million digital music coupons and the database layouts for, Sony BMG Belgium and Sony BMG Netherlands."

How did they hack it?

SQL Injection!!! That is like the easiest thing to prevent. You know, by not being a bonehead and using stored procedures or sanitize your input data!

dark-hollow2922d ago

"ugh. If anyone can keep security breaches quiet, it's Microsoft."

just like what sony did in the psn data breach?

Godmars2902922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Sony eventually made the announcement with no direct evidence of any finical losses. By some counts quicker than credit card companies did.

This news is coming along with reports of finical losses.

And as for reporting things, MS never came clean about things like Vista or the RRoD. They only kept selling them while trying to fix them.

dark-hollow2922d ago

But after what? After more than a WEEK.
No matter how you want to dig up old ms failing at security, there isn't one at the same magnitude as a data breach of 70 MILLION PSN ACCOUNT!!!

Godmars2902922d ago

Still, no matter how many times you want to throw out the 70 million, no money was lost.

How many reports have there been of compromised XBL accounts where money was lost where people had to go to their banks or credit companies before MS would even deal with them? Of accidentally banned accounts?

The point is MS makes mistakes, just like Sony, and often wont own up to them until there's a mountain of outside evidence.

gamingdroid2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

***Still, no matter how many times you want to throw out the 70 million, no money was lost.***

Really? There were numerous spurious reports just like this....

Just saying, if those weren't credible...

Also, there is no saying if those credit card numbers won't surface in the future.

Besides, the replacement of credit cards did cost a bunch of companies money.

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Ddouble2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I heard there's a EA and Netflix exploit but i don't know.

It has been affecting quite a lot of people but i don't think Live has been hacked it just sounds like an exploit.

yewles12922d ago

Activision detailing the hack? Huh?

juanvan2922d ago

It's a ea server problem - just so happen ea stores ur wlid info for ur ea account - so ofcourse Microsoft would know nothing of it... Bc it's EAs problem! Like when ur cc info is stolen its not the cc company it's the merchant.

boommuffin2922d ago

FUCK! i totaly forgot EA makes you make a EA acount with your live info to play their games. EA is easily hackable, any one remember that anonymous stuff?

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