Why You Shouldn't Pay Subscription Fees For Individual Games

CheatCC - This gaming generation has certainly changed things. I hate to wax nostalgic, but back in the good ol' days, you used to pay for a game once and get all the content that game had to offer. Period. Now, you have to wait for DLC packs to get the full game experience. And the future of gaming? Well, it's starting now, and it involves paying subscription fees for individual games. We're already seeing this in Call of Duty with the "Elite" subscription service, and to a lesser extent with DLC "season passes" that offer bundled content that downloads automatically once activated.

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Relientk772926d ago

Guess how many games I pay subscription fees for?


I don't play WoW, or any game that has fees

I refuse to pay subscription fees for any game. The amount of money you spend on the game when u purchase the game, should be the only time u throw any money down toward a game.

jadenkorri2926d ago

yeah paying 60 bucks for the game, take home, then a monthly fee, like wtf, same with why i don't pay for xbox live gold for online. Although I'll admit I'm kinda hypocritical right now on that subject cause I am paying for PSN prem for 3 months. But I saved money by getting psn prem on discounts. So not sure if its really the same.

Tanir2926d ago

yeah wow sucks, ugly graphics, expensive as EFF, bad gameplay.

go play vindictus its free to play and destroys wow in gameplay, graphics and well basically everything except 10 years of content

Pikajew2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I never pay subscription fees. I was going to play starwars old republic but found out you have to buy it and pay subscription fees and I stopped making an account.

Fix the link

DarkBlood2926d ago

you only just found out now?

Pikajew2926d ago

A few weeks ago. I thought it was F2P because they kept talking about it.

JsonHenry2926d ago

With the quality of Free-to-Play games on the rise one would NEVER have to pay for a game if they didn't want to.

Tanir2926d ago

yeah but u have morons who think because you pay monthly that its better, sorta like xbox live junkies

JsonHenry2926d ago

I think you missed my point. And I agree with those "morons". As far as online gaming on a console it doesn't get any better than Xboxlive. Even if you have to pay for it.

matgrowcott2926d ago

I'm currently writing a series of articles about the history of the MMO and one of the biggest shocks I've had so far has been the cost of the subscription fees in the early 90s.

$6 - $12 an hour and it wasn't unusual for big fans of a game to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars a month.

So while I know bandwidth is cheaper and everything now, we're at a point where subscription fees are relatively cheap. If all you're ever going to pay is £20 for WoW and £8 a month for the subscription, I don't see a problem - so long as you're getting your monies worth.

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