Capcom and Koei launch Japanese PS3 offensive

Several of Capcom and Koei's PlayStation 3 titles will be playable at next week's Tokyo Game Show, while Capcom has also spoken of new game announcements.

With expectation starting to build ahead of Tokyo's annual showcase, Capcom has pledged 12 demo units of Devil May Cry 4, while Koei aims to have playable versions of some of its PS3 titles on-hand, likely to include Fatal Inertia (a launch title), Bladestorm, Ni-Oh and Mahjong Taikai IV.

Koei will also be demonstrating Samurai Warriors Wave for Nintendo Wii, while Capcom will be offering hands-on time with Xbox 360 exclusive Lost Planet, but with PlayStation 3 making its public playable debut in Japan the Sony console is understandably the focus.

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TheMART5858d ago

"while Capcom has also spoken of new game announcements."

If you ask me that will be DMC4 for 360

Silverwolf5858d ago

Hopefully the new RE also.

zypher5858d ago

"new game announcements" it could just as well be Lost Planet or Dead Rising announced for the PS3. guess we won't know for sure until next Friday.

TheMART5858d ago (Edited 5858d ago )

Well, actually it's more logical to announce a game for a format with 10 million users this Christmas then for a format with max. 500k.
Lost Planet? Have never heard about that one being a multiplatform possibility! Even better: as far as I've read it's definitely a 360 exclusive. MS just has more money to assure the exclusives I guess

It's all getting just clear when you read this:

Marriot VP5858d ago

Yah zypher game sales and multiplatforming usually go downstream. By that I mean it goes to the bigger fanbase.

zypher5858d ago

no offense intended, but the funny thing is even if the PS3 sold only its allocation of 100K units in Japan at launch, thats still more than the 360 has sold in the land of the rising sun. and since Capcom is an inherently Japanese developer, its just as logical to assume that they'd support the PS3, which is still projected to reach a higher-installed base than all other next-gen/new-gen consoles, especially since the DMC franchise would sell more PS3's (as it is a series intrinsic to the Playstation console) than 360's would sell DMC's, if that doesn't sound too confussing. the way i see it the status-quo will remain, with DMC remaining a Playstation-system exclusive, and Lost Planet staying a 360 exclusive, and Resident Evil being the multiplatform game. this is even supported by the fact that a) there are just as many rumors saying that Lost Planet's heading for the PS3 as there are DMC for the 360; b) Capcom has denied BOTH rumors; and c) Capcom has said that they want to make naught but new IP's (ie; Lost Planet and Dead Rising) for the 360.

TheMART5858d ago

There is only one thing driving companies nowadays.

That's not loyalty to a country. It's just where to earn the best bucks. And with Dead Rising Capcom saw they did well on the 360.

It doesn't matter if PS3 sells 100k and surpasses 360 in Japan. Capcom is looking worldwide.

So still my points stands. This Christmas:

360 about 10 million users
PS3 about 500k users

Now where's the market again? And ofcourse, it all depends on Capcom announcing something. But when the shark smelled blood or should we say Capcom smelled the money, it'll go for it

zypher5858d ago

well using that logic you should assume that every developer will support the 360 and none will support the PS3, as the former will have a substantially greater installed base than the latter. this hasn't been nearly the case, considering that between the two there are only a handfull of worthwhile exclusives for both systems, and considering the fact that the rate of former big-named games assumed to be 360-exclusives being announced for the PS3 has caught up with the rate of big-named games assumed to be PS exclusives being announced or the 360.

besides, there are other factors to consider with making games for a system than just installed base...such as pre-existing brand name strength, and projected market share. selling 10.5 million copies of Lost Planet sounds a bit more tantalizing than selling 10 million, especially when its projected that that MERE 500,000 will grow exponentially throughout the course of the coming years...and if Sony's to be believe to 5.5 million by 3/07.

TheMART5857d ago

First off, the number of exclusives on 360 is higher then on PS3 and the most exiting new ones are also in larger number on 360.

With main proof: Gears of War getting multiple E3 awards, and more awards were for 360, if not, multiple 360 games were in the run for one.

Assassins Creed, one of few must haves for PS3 went over to 360 is a much bigger thing then for example Full Auto 2 to PS3. Or even Bioshock coming to PS3, that's less a loose on the total number of exclusives on 360.

Talking of brandname strenght and projected marketshare. Well believing Sony is something we all know we shouldn't do. Because the truth is far from anything they state. And you'll have to agree with me on that one.

Analysts had stated PS3 would not pick up with sellingnumbers untill 2011. That was, in the situation that Sony could produce enough this Christmas and the months after it. They can't. 360 has enough in production, so they sell to people that jump in.

And by 2011 the next XBOX will be here.
Even projected marketshare is on 360's side. Brand name? XBOX is just as known already as PS. The PS even got a bad name during PS2 lies on Emotion Engine, XBOX beating it up in graphics and the bad online experience. With the PS3 lies again, the brandname got: Sony = overpromissing & underdelivering. So I am not sure if the words you type are good for 360 or for PS3.

By March 2007 5.5 million? Right. When they get 500k out by the end of the year. Seems logical? No.

And even then. 360 will have sold 15 million at least medio 2007. I bet with this great Christmas even earlier, around spring/E3 2007.

It's ahead and it's far ahead. Every company wants high revenues and low costs. PS3 is hard to program for=more costs. Fanbase is quite small the coming time, revenues low. 360 large fanbase already, easy to program for. It works on both ways.

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Dusk5858d ago

RE 5 is not a new IP and it's been announced for the 360 and confirmed recently by Capcom to still be coming to the 360. It all depends on how many PS3s Sony can produce. If Sony continues to have problems and PS3s trickle onto the storeshelves, companies like Capcom will port games like DMC4 to the 360 just to make money. If Sony can get its act together and roll out some consoles, the PS3's high price point and stiff competition don't hurt its sales, and Europe forgives Sony for screwing them over, then the PS3 numbers will rise quickly even after the fanboys flock to it and games like DMC4 will most likely stay where they are. Capcom confirmed again that Lost Planet and Dead Rising will stay 360 exclusives, this is obviously due to the strong sales of Dead Rising. Just the opposite happened with Enchanted Arm for the 360. Its sales were weak, so it is being ported. It's all about the money. There are only a scant few companies left that put brand loyalty over money.

Phytonadione5858d ago

Can you imagine a button mashing game as heavy on the mashing as the Samurai Warriors/Dynasty Warriors games on the Wii? Talk about shoulder/arm cramp!!! Might be good as a sort of medication/therapy for all those kids with ADHD.

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