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Eric of Writes:

"Rage isn’t an RPG, it isn’t an open world shooter, it isn’t Fallout or Borderlands, but it certainly gives the impression that it is. If you take each component of Rage on its own (the shooting, the driving, and the questing) it’s great, but together it feels incomplete. There are so many different elements to the game that could have been used to create a truly unique experience, however in the end we are left with a gorgeous fun first person shooter that lacks direction."

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ForROME2924d ago

Nice the article above it gives it a 8.2 and this gives it a 6.5 good ol journalism at its best!

admiralvic2923d ago

Ultimately this is where users confuse issues. See the biggest problem we have in gaming journalism is a lack of understanding. Most gamers/reviewers see everything as the college rule IE 5 or less is a failure, 6 is just above failure, 7 is average, 8 is above average, 9 is great and 10 is perfect.

However unlike reports in school... these are subjective fields. Realistically there is no right or wrong way to do things, but only opinions of it. I think having perks for higher levels over lower levels is automatically bad, but I've seen games with it score 9+.

Furthermore many people will assign different levels of values to things. Does rage look good? Yes, very. However what does that really mean? Does it somehow make the game more playable? No. It just means it looks good. Now the game has a fairly poor story. Does this make the game worse? Yes. Why? it add's meaning to the actions. You can't say this game is nearly perfect when the story has as much effort put in as Off the Record...

To avoid an ongoing rant as I ranted enough... we need more standards and less bitching that one person doesn't conform to your views of average or better.


LOl..I know people have different opinions but its obvious when u see a troll review.

iistuii2924d ago

Took me a while to get into it, but started to enjoy it after the first hour or so. Better than 6.5 IMO.