How To Improve Your Gaming Skills: Headphones

Looking for a simple way to improve your gaming skills? Try a high end gaming headset and be amazed at how it'll change the way you game forever.

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pangitkqb2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

The only reason I hesitate is because of the cost of the darn things. Gaming is an expensive hobby without things like headphones. I just don't know if the advantage in multiplayer is worth that much $$.

Still...when I demoed some once it was pretty amazing. Much better than I anticipated.


pat_11_52925d ago

Try, them sometime you might be surprised. They make a huge difference in FPS games specifically, maybe no so much with other genres.

pat_11_52925d ago

It makes more of a difference than you'd think, playing halo and CoD is a totally different experience.

At least for me anyways.

xhedleyx2925d ago

Yo Does, the Master Chief in that picture wear the headphones?

pat_11_52925d ago

Why yes he does good sir, everyday all day. The Master Chief wouldn't game any other way.