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Dark souls worships, lives and breathes death. It is the story of one undead soul’s tormented journey from the depths of their own hell to recover its humanity. It is bleak, disparate, depressing and it will ultimately tear you to pieces.

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Relientk772925d ago

This game is just getting great scores, around the board.

Philoctetes2925d ago

I haven't finished my first playthrough yet, and I probably won't for at least another week or so. But so far, this game is brilliant and better than the original IMO. The main downside is the poor multiplayer implementation, but I was never big on PvP in Demon's Souls so that doesn't bother me as much.

Blaine2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

It's really too bad about the multiplayer, because this time around From really gave us reasons to invade other players. In Demon's Souls I did it just for kicks, but it was all for nothing really. The reward for invading and killing a player: you get your body back. Except I just wanted to go and invade again, so I'd just commit suicide right away and invade someone else. There was no purpose to invading.

This time, the covenants give you plenty of reasons to do it, but I haven't managed to invade a single person yet. And only ones who managed to invade me... are NPCs.

ElementX2925d ago

I had to restart the game 3 times. Once my friend attacked the guy at the Firelink Shrine. I didn't even know Undead Burg existed, I kept going toward the graveyard and lake. The second time I killed the merchant in Undead Burg and needed arrows. Now I'm a pyromancer with focus on strength and dexterity. I may add more to intelligence. I got the Drake Sword and it makes going through Undead Burg so much easier! Too bad you can't get it until after the Taurus.

Blaine2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I didn't know about the Drake Sword until it was too late to get it. So I had to push on with my shitty Battle Axe+4! I guess I got lucky when I returned to the Asylum, because the knight dropped his Dark Knight Sword, and I kicked ass with it pretty much the whole game! That Sword at +5, with a bit of stat scaling, does 450+ damage, all physical--so enemies resistant to magic, fire, or lightning still take a big hit. It's a large sword, but once I got used to it being a little slower than I'd like, I really loved it. The range is great, and it's got my favorite move set of all weapons.

Tex1172925d ago

The game is brilliant

Blaine2925d ago

lol I'd forgotten about the Gaping Dragon's entrance. At first the head comes out, and I was thinking "Shit that's big..." then the rest out him comes out "WHAT THE FUCK!!"

About the review: "character interaction, quests and a backstory have all been left in a putrid mess far behind." I just finished Dark Souls and, did we play the same game?? There's plenty of character interaction with the NPCs who pop up here and there during your main quest. Some of whom loosely give you side quests--they're just not fetch quests. If you do their side quest, you'll meet them again further in the story. The game just doesn't over-burden you with a side quest that gets in the way of the main one. And did the reviewer miss the whole intro about everyone in the world going undead, and the introduction of the main bosses who played a role in it, etc? Because THAT'S a backstory.

Complaints about the graphics are WAY off base. Dark Souls looks great and, in some parts, amazing. The frame rate does drop, sometimes significantly, but it's only at certain points in the world, it's rare, and it doesn't impact the overall quality of the game.

And his point about being able to change your dialogue answers by talking to the NPC again tells me he hasn't made it far into the story, because there are times when your answer impacts the entire story, and you can't go back and change your answer, so you'd better have been listening!

I'd be curious to know just how far the reviewer got into the game. I'd bet the Gaping Dragon was where he stopped. Because the further you progress into Dark Souls, the more the game surprises and amazes you. I know 8's not a bad score, but I bet anyone who at least explored the entire world wouldn't rate this game less than a 9.

HacSawJimThugin2925d ago

I'm in Blighttown right now and I think this game is a 9, 9.5 all day. Sure it has some minor issues but nothing significant enough to not play this awesome ass game.