RAGE PC Getting Second Patch, Will Alleviate Blurry Textures, Add Texture Detail Options

The launch of RAGE on PC was plagued by driver issues, as well as widespread complaints over the lack of fine-tuning graphical options. Developer id Software released a patch earlier this week, giving users control over the texture cache and VSync options. It’s a start, but what’s next?

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undercovrr2925d ago

Nothing like an overhyped developer!

Toman852925d ago

Hope they will remove the still present texture poppin I have with only Rage on my PC :)
But the game is awesome!

InNomeDiDio2925d ago

Its already an amazing Game in real 1080p

Johnny_Cojones2925d ago

It's pretty nifty in 1600p, as well.

Eyesoftheraven2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

If this fixes 99% of the BS, I will go as far as to start another new game.. on Insane difficulty.

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