Carmack, Carmack, why hast thou forsaken us?

John Carmack, the legendary developer of Wolfenstein 3D, Doom, and Quake, has laid the smack down on PC gaming.

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Winter47th2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

PCs are only good for World of Warcraft and Minesweeper, it's a deathtrap for every developer out there with the amount of piracy and it's laughing stock of a so-called 'gamers'.

It's okay, consoles are the future. Enjoy updating your drivers and reinstalling shits.

It's only a testimony of the hypocrisy of PC gamers that in just an overnight Carmack turned from the godfather of all PC games to "noz he's wrong and a liah!". Get over it.

I hope you like your ports.

SephirothX212926d ago

Enjoy your 720p and 30fps. Most pc games play fine on most average to high-end pcs. Try customuising a console's hardware. You can't. ^Try adding mods to games. You can't. Try 1080p 60fps. You can't. With consoles, you have to wait 7 or more years to get new hardware. With a pc, you can simply upgrade any time you want.

Orpheus2926d ago

Yeah I like my ports at 1080p and may be some extra AA. Thanks for hoping.

malol2926d ago

cant believe carmack is such a crybaby
before the game went live he was praising PC and its power
and at the end THIS comes out of him ??

he bashes AMD and NVIDIA
and then calls PC not a leading platform and sh!t

just admit your fault and fix things up with an update
and stop crying
there you have it

Winter47th2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Oh, don't worry. We're having a blast on our PS360s. While you guys are updating your drivers/patching/reinstalling/ formatting/tweakingCFGs for your mess of a game. We're already enjoying it the best online services provided this gen.

How's that waiting a few months for a patch that breaks your game and delete your saves going for ya. Yeah, just hang in there, I'm sure when Diablo III comes out in the 29th century it will be all worth the wait with its stripped down features.

Btw I hear Nvidia's releasing a new graphics card soon time to fork out 400$ for that one, again. Don't forget about throwing a few gigs of sticks that you don't need just to feel more secure for that 0.000013ms stutter.

Is it true that more and more developers are taking away mods support because there's an epidemic with PC gamers for releasing "hentai skins"? No wonder they don't wanna have anything to do with you boys.

RememberThe3572926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Way to counter his point guys. What about his point of PC being a death trap? What about his point about Carmack? You ignore his entire comment and go straight into counter attack? Way to show your "superiority".

And we are enjoying our 720p and 30fps, quite a lot actually. Whats the argument going to be once the new consoles come out? We don't have you worry about drivers or hardware not working or not being good enough, we just put the game in and play. There are pluses and minuses to both sided.

And FYI there are a number of game that run 1080 and 60 on console. Just saying.

JsonHenry2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Hard to call the guy a leader and his game engine a leader when Witcher 2, BF3, and the last Stalker game have better lighting/textures than this game.

I still think the guy is a genius but Rage just makes me think he is past his prime or this was just a mistake on his part.

aquamala2926d ago

dunno who you think you are talking to, I would think most people that have money for gaming PCs would have consoles too. don't think there's many PC-only gamers.

Sunhammer2926d ago

I hope you like being reported for trolling. Rage is an embarrassment anyway. All that development time and all Rage managed was just generic gameplay and infinite pop-ups. John Carmack will always be remembered as the skinny virgin who betrayed the very people who made him famous.

caboose322926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Oh man, you really resent PC gaming.

Did it touch you as a little boy? It's ok, I won't tell.

meetajhu2926d ago

Pc only good for WOW and mines? really? Let Counter Strike release i'll challenge you 1 on 1 take ur ps3 or 360 beat my keyboard and mouse running 1000hz polling rates and 120fps on 120hz monitor. I say mother me if u can i'll use only pistol or knife!

morganfell2926d ago

PC oh PC, why art thou behind consoles in sales but thou hast over quadruple the piracy?

Oh PC, methinks thou doth protest too much.

NarooN2926d ago

Thanks, while you're over there with your garbage sub-HD 20fps games, I'll be over here with a multitude of settings.

I have a PS3 and a PC, play both of them equally, but stop being such a braindead fanboy. With that comment of yours, it's very obvious you don't have a clue what the fuck you're on about.

Rivitur2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Wow you guys are right PC sucks with that crappy gaming community of over 30 million on steam alone, Emulators for 360, PS3 and Wii, superior graphic to that of 7 year technology, ability to upgrade at anytime rather than waiting for companies to dish out a new console every 8-10 years, and bad-ass games like CSS, TF2, ARMA series, Red Orchestra, Battlefields, Starcraft, WoW, and Crysis. Not to mention games costing less than that on a console. DAMN CRAPPY GOOD FOR NOTHING INFERIOR PC!!!!!!!!

dlohnug2926d ago

but.. i play console and pc...

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ATi_Elite2926d ago

For every great PC Developer that has gone on to make console titles and basically turn their back on the platform that gave them their stardom (The PC) by making a horrible port, there has been a new Developer to stand up and take their place.

id, Crytek, Activision, Bethesda, Unreal, etc. are not missed by me at all especially seeing how DICE, 4A Games, Tripwire, Bohemia Interactive, GSC Game World, CDProjekt Red, FunCom, CCP, Valve, Blizzard, Arena Net, and many others still Develop quality PC titles and use the PC as the lead platform when designing games.

So for everyone that leaves the PC it only makes room for someone new to step in!

...and for Carmack to blame Nvidia and AMD is an insult to the PC industry when AMD and Nvidia work so closely with Devs to make sure the Devs have everything they need to make a good product on the PC especially for such a high profile game as Rage!

Carmack just made a crappy console port for the PC and the lack of Video settings proves that the PC version was just that....a crappy console port!

GribbleGrunger2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

and i never thought i'd see the day when Carmack saw sense and went to the bigger, better market. now we'll see what he can really do.

sorry but for me and i suggest many others here, it is incredible how you have all turned on the guy you lot relied on for making yourself feel better about PCs. he was great, but not now. why? because he told you the truth

pctrollv42926d ago

for a "genius" little did he know that pc would get upgraded and become better than consoles. What a moronic excuse to go the console way. He should of just admitted from day 1 that console was his new way, not use that stupid excuse that consoles were as or even more powerful than pc's at that time and act like pc's wouldnt get upgraded.

Orpheus2926d ago

genius aka genuine-a$$ lolz

Fishy Fingers2926d ago

Ahh someones still living in the past. Dude he said 'that' what, 3 years ago and has since apologised and cleared up.

Move on dude, move on.

raWfodog2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

He said that the consoles had a larger consumer base than PCs and that is true. He's always been a champion of PCs but this just left a bad taste in his mouth.

yewles12926d ago

The birth of the PC Defense Force. XD

Ingram2926d ago

"Carmack blamed AMD and NVIDIA for releasing bad drivers, stating that due to users operating with the incorrect drivers installed, they purchased a product that wouldn’t work"

This does not sound particularly out of the ordinary, I would believe Carmack.

pctrollv42926d ago

incorrect drivers shouldnt make a game unplayable, specially with someone like me with a 6970 ati card and the latest. Any other driver should of worked, fact is game was unplayable an dbroken unless it used SPECIFIC drivers which is just bullshit.

wicko2926d ago

You don't understand how drivers work, so no, you're wrong.

NarooN2926d ago

"incorrect drivers shouldnt make a game unplayable"

Stopped taking you seriously right there.

Bolts2926d ago

The problem is the game still suffer horrible low resolution textures and terrible lighting when the game does work. Technical issues with getting the game to work aside, the Tech 5 engine have some serious flaws.

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