Five Upcoming PS3 Exclusives Which Look Stunning

The PlayStation 3 is known to produce exclusive which not only plays well but looks superb as well, and PS3 gamers are in for a treat, as there are a lot of upcoming titles which promise to look even better and will be exclusive to the console. Let’s take a look below.

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Relientk772927d ago

Five awesome looking games, if you are a PS3 owner.

dark-hollow2927d ago

Ah I almost forgot about the last guardian.

Relientk772927d ago

Yea that would be nice, def want The Last Guardian and of course Uncharted 3. Ah, November 1st can't come fast enough.

disturbing_flame2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

They forgot NINOKUNI !!!!

Shame on you

Relientk772926d ago

Ni no Kuni looks stunning and completely beautiful

Bathyj2926d ago

The Last Guardian (my personal most wanted) should have had a demo packed in with the Ico collection.

Why is Sony so dumb?

DigitalAnalog2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I can think 2 ways why we won't have a demo.

1. The devs want this to be a "fresh" experience.
2. The game design is too unique, a demo may have the wrong impression on what it is about.

If you are fully aware of Team ICO's modus operandi, their games cannot simply be understood within a limited time.

Last I checked, TLG revolves around your creature with very unique AI system that would help you get across obstacles and traversing enviornments. The AI would also be progressive meaning it can be helpful or reluctant depending on how you treat it. As such, these features need time and attention before it is understood so I believe NO demo would fully justify this aspect until you played the full game itself.

Gamer19822926d ago

Maybe take starhawk off the list? Not saying its a good looking game but stunning? Its nothing that people would pick up and go woah! at first glance. It's gameplay that will sell that game at first glance not graphics. The other 4 will be stunning no doubt.

pcz2926d ago

NINOKUNI is on ds so its not exclusive.

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Number_132926d ago

So if you aren't a PS3 owner the games don't look awesome? That doesn't right.

MariaHelFutura2926d ago

"That doesn't right"

That isn't right.

NukaCola2926d ago


He means these are PS3 exclusives that will not be played on rivaling systems. You must have a PS3 to play these. Which I believe he is refering to many Xbox articles that post multiplat titles. I think this is what he means.

@ many of my bros here:
I wonder why Ni No Kuni isn't on the list either. It is one of the most beautiful RPGs coming. The classic RPG game is back, the living anime style has never been done like this in a gam before. This doesn't look at all like a game recreated with overly digital cartoons like Dragon Quest was or something such as, but in fact it has a hand drawn and painted Studio Ghibli look that just takes your breath away. FFversusXIII should of released already because Ni No Kuni looks to take RPG GOTY 2012 will no effort at all.(Many will Say Mass 3, which will be good, but it doesn't have that RPG feel that Ni No is bringing, at leastr not anymore)

elshadi2926d ago

what are you doing in ps3 article ...Number_13 ???
you don't own ps3
soo .. why you are here ???
just tell me the truth ???
is it sooo hard to admit
that you are very jealous that ps3 is on a role with the best looking games and more exclusives ???
just go buy ps3 and you join the darkside

FACTUAL evidence2926d ago

I like how vs13 is up there...that shits going Multi-plat as we speak.

rezzah2926d ago

Where is your proof? Only speculation on your part, same with anyone who agrees with you.

Unless the developer or publisher them self say it you have nothing but your imagination.

pedo_across-the-road2926d ago

What! You mean just like metal gear solid 4.

suicidalblues2926d ago

Did you read some other fanboys blog to find this out?

It's even funnier that your name is FACTUAL evidence.

Gamer19822926d ago

Let the 360 fans and fanboys have their dreams k? Until we have hard evidence the games still exclusive. All we have so far is an ad asking for a dev with 360 experience which means nothing as if they worked with 360 they can obviously work with ps3 with a bit of help.

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thereapersson2926d ago

Wait, so to consider these games good-looking, or to give them any credit, you have to own a ps3? You can't be a gamer who simply likes games? I I hope I'm mis-interpreting your post.

MariaHelFutura2926d ago

Please for the love of life, Buy TLG. If any developer deserves your support, its Team Ico.

xX_Altair_Xx2926d ago

I agree; we're always complaining about "COD clones" and lack of innovation but when a different type of game comes out nobody's interested.

ATi_Elite2926d ago

Dam I completely forgot about The Last Guardian! Been so long since we heard any new News on it! TLG is gonna be a super Hot title upon release!

Agent.....maybe they could of put something else here instead of Agent. We still have very limited info on Agent. The only real info on Agent is that it may NO LONGER be a PS3 Exclusive!

dredgewalker2926d ago

Guys, please never mention The Last Guardian until it finally comes out since I have whack myself with a hammer whenever I remember this game I've been longing to play since it was where's that hammer again........

BinaryMind2926d ago

Wait, FFvsXIII is still coming out?

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psb2927d ago

the last guardian and Uncharted 3 --- SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!

cyborg2927d ago

don't think FFXIII Versus will remain a PS3 exclusive, with both FF XIII and XIII-2 releasing on the Xbox 360, I'm certain this one will also be joining them on Microsoft's money-maker.

svoulis2926d ago

I am still going to say it will most likely be a exclusive, if you think about the capacity and disc size and how big the game is, to have it on xbox would be a few disk and who wants to play that type of game where any time you go back to an area you have insert a different disk. I mean I'm sure square-enix would love to put it on xbox but with disk limitation it probably wont happen.

raWfodog2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

I don't even care if it's multi-platform, AS LONG AS the PS3 version isn't gimped or hindered by trying to include the 'same' content on the 360. I don't care if they need to use 4-5 discs on the 360.

Just come out with a release date already.

playstationfans2926d ago

The graphic is so reality, speaking of multiple disk for 360 it might aswell be possible but then again it would most likely be aa playstation exclusive

playstationfans2927d ago

Last guardian and versus are the only 2 im excited about the most and great article man! Like it!

Kurisu2927d ago

Seen my first Uncharted 3 TV ad earlier today! It was on Challenge though...I doubt many others would have seen it :/ It does look good so I look forward to next month.

Versus...yea, looks good, but too far away.

And can it look "stunning" when we don't have any thing to go by.

2926d ago