5 Memorable Game Characters

Looking back over gamings history is an inevitable action that most decorated gamers do at some point in their illustrious career. By doing so, we realize how much games have developed since their conception way back when we were methodically placing blocks in Tetris.

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xxxAnubisxxx3148d ago

I'm glad to see Alan Wake on there... he as a character and the game as a whole is really underrated.

vishant1013148d ago

Yea i really want a sequel the ending srsly mind f*ked me in a good way. The game really deserves a sequel the atmosphere was second to none.

JaredH3148d ago (Edited 3148d ago )

Ya they were supposed to reveal something for Alan Wake that wasn't a sequel at e3 this year but they backed out of showing it for some reason. I just hope it's not some kinect or downloadable game that was rumored.

Relientk773148d ago

I thought they were gonna put Cloud on the list from FFVII, but they didn't.

Kinda suprised Link or Mario are not on the list

DaveM3148d ago

Yeah Alan wake is defiantly a game that got thrown to the dogs for no real reason, it's great.

I was tempted to add link, but those 5 were my top 5!

NukaCola3148d ago

Good list and thanks for writing it up well and one one page. I faved the site so I don't forget it.

Alan Wake really wasn't the demographic title for the 360 but it's still one solid title and very good looking.

I would of replaced the Big Daddy with Nathan Drake, but that's just cause I think he is one of the coolest and well written characters around. Marcus was best in Gear 3 but thos characters are very B movie in everything they say, funny but hard to connect to.

If I can dig up an old character, Kyle Katarn from the Jedi Knight series. I just love that guy:
From Jedi Acadamy:
Luke "I feel a disturbance in the Force"
Kyle "You always feel a disturbance in the Force"

DaveM3148d ago

I loved Alan Wake, it's probably the scariest game I've played.

As for the whole Nathan Drake situation, I've never played that game, so I can't really write about it.

Thanks for the comments though.

shotright3148d ago

Great list and write up

Burning_Finger3148d ago



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The story is too old to be commented.