Interview: Titan Lunch Retaliation is irreverence at its finest

Do you like to toss things off cliffs and see how far they can fly? Do you like to then take the money from that flight and purchase upgrades in order to do it all over again more efficiently? If you said yes, read on to learn more about Titan Lunch Retaliation, the one game missing from your existence.

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NagaSotuva2924d ago

That guy could take on Kratos.

choadley2924d ago

The game looks good but the hit detection on the grappling hook feels off sometimes.

SybaRat2924d ago

Bwaaahahahahaha! Game of the Year!

THR1LLHOUSE2924d ago

Awesome interview. Love a good goofball game dev.

Also: I had to read the title many times before I realized it wasn't "Titan Launch Retaliation" which actually makes less sense than the real title...