Will the Next Xbox Bring Back the Exclusivity We all Know and Love?

Velocity Gamer: Microsoft, take some risks, try something new, play jazz with it; whatever you have to do just make it happen so we have more reason to make the jump to Xbox 720 than Gears 4, Forza 5, Halo 7, and Fable 4.

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NYC_Gamer2931d ago

very doubtful unless MS buy some studios or launch first with the advantage of having 3rd party exclusives

zag2931d ago

MS don't keep 1st party devs.

they only bought them so they had less competition against them, they buy the 3rd party games as they don't have to waste the dev costs on the games, simply pay a couple million to the right dev and you don't have to worry about having to pay people's salaries etc

That's why they don't have any devs at the moment even flight sim devs have been shut down but no one knows what is happening there other than doesn't get made.

I don't think games is what MS is overly fussed about anymore I think they simply want the xbox to be a TV settop box that so happens to play games.

darthv722931d ago

they did not make the xbox to really compete in the console market. They built it to create another multipurpose platform that brings in developers from all walks of life. Much like they did windows.

Their idea is just like the phrase from the movie: if you build it, they will come. They were more concerned about making the platform a user friendly as possible to get programers to make software for it.

Sony and nintendo are more concerned with the games and didnt consider MS a threat until they cut into their market share. Now they have embedded the xbox brand into popular culture like sony did with the playstation brand years ago.

They have a different approach to the same goal as every other player in this game. Sell as many units as you can and get the support wherever its warranted.

EVILDEAD3602931d ago

LMFAO @ the usual fan kid dribble about Xbox exclusives from non-Xbox gamers.

Even the author of this article lost all credibility when he says that Crackdown 'still doesnt have a sequel yet'

The hypocrisy is hilarious when they come at 360 eclusives, yet EVERY other console subscribe to the same mantra..develop strong franchises that can sell future consoles for your system

There simply isn't a bigger franchise for Micrsoft this gen than Halo, it is the roots that the Xbox name is synonymous with.

This gen the 360s strongest exlusive franchises besides Halo are Gears of War, Fable, and Forza.

The numbers don't lie THESE are the exclusives that Xbox gamers 'ALL know and love'

The author can pretend that millions of 360 gamers are clamoring for 'The Outfit' but the game barely pushed 300,000. Same with the sequel to Viva Pinata. He then is claiming that

The funny part is when Micrsoft does publish exclusives like Alan Wake they don't get credit.

You never hear a peep about Sony who follows the same mantra. While last year saw God of War 3 and GTA 5 just look at Sony's PS3 big exclusive releases in 2011

Little Big Planet 2
Motostorm: Apocalypse
Killzone 3
Infamous 2
Resistance 3
Uncharted 3

So why pretend that it's some sort of heinous crime if the 360 does it.

So let's just keep it 100% real and stop the console war bias. Xbox 720, PS4, AND Wii-U will feature sequels to their MOST SUCCESSFUL franchises..Why? Because that's what the actual gamers who actually buy and play games on these consoles want.

Just like you will continue to see sequels to Call of Duty, Battlefield, Assassins Creed etc.


thats_just_prime2930d ago

MS has a ton of exclusives games. Dance Central and Kinect Sport the people on here really look down on but those 2 are very successful game.

Rare has a great list of game they just need to make more for them. How about Kameo 2 or KI 3 ?.

Personally ithink people on here worry to much about exclusives. I worry more about buying great games that I enjoy playing and not if its exclusive or multi plat

Bigpappy2930d ago

I agree with most of you guys. This song like it was written by a PS3 fan. #60 owners are not mooping around hoping for exclusives to play. Their are more games on 360 than I have time to play as it is. I would take most multiplats over games like Crack down and Heavenly rain, any day of the week.

Just let go of the more exclusive crap already. We are getting games like the witcher, skyrim, ME3, Kingdom of Alamar, DOA5 ... Plus all the shooter and sports games you can shake a stick at. Add weekly releases of great arcade games, and what you have here, is a boat load of core games that would exceed the cravings of any core gamer. M$ also has the casuals covered with plenty of really good Kinect games that keep getting better and better.

MrBeatdown2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )


"they did not make the xbox to really compete in the console market. They built it to create another multipurpose platform that brings in developers from all walks of life."

They're not trying to compete in the console market? Really? Well, let's test your theory. They've achieved "multipurpose platform" status. So let me ask you something... the next Xbox's graphical abilities... do you think they'd be comparable to the Wii U, or a next-gen PlayStation?

Because the way I see it, if it's not about competing as a games console, Microsoft wouldn't feel the need to release a new graphical powerhouse to compete only against Sony's next PlayStation and high end gaming PCs, sell it at a loss, and recoup that loss on games. But we all know that's exactly what is going to happen.

If it was about being a "multipurpose platform," Microsoft should be content with the 360-level graphics, seeing as how they can do pretty much everything already at that level, it can be sold at a profit, and at a much lower price. And Wii has proven cutting edge tech isn't needed to sell well.

But that's not going to happen, is it? MS is going to release a console comparable to the PS4 and compete directly with Sony as a top-of-the-line games console. You know that. I know it. Everybody knows that. Don't waste your time trying to pretend MS isn't competing for the console market.


Your words... "develop strong franchises that can sell future consoles for your system"

I find it funny you are claiming hypocrisy, yet you're doing so based on a vague "mantra" (that you came up with) that can be approached and interpreted multiple ways.

Hell, I could say all third-party publishers have a similar mantra of "develop games that will sell well" but it's pretty damn obvious there is a substantial difference in how say, Activision and Rockstar approach it. One stumbles upon successful formulas like Call of Duty, Tony Hawk, or Guitar Hero and runs them into the ground with yearly releases. The other balances new IPs with existing IPs and takes their time with each iteration to innovate and make each game a worthwhile addition to a franchise.

Would you call a Rockstar fan who criticizes Activision hypocritical as well? I wouldn't think so, so why do the same for anyone who criticizes Microsoft but not Sony?

Clearly there is a significant difference between Sony and Microsoft's approach even if they do share that "mantra" you came up with. This year alone Sony released FIVE games in five different franchises that were established this generation. Microsoft have released one (Gears 3). In the past two years, it's two (add Crackdown 2). Go back three years and it's still two.

If you can't see a substantial difference in approach, it's pretty clear that you just don't want to see it.

EVILDEAD3602930d ago

'Clearly there is a significant difference between Sony and Microsoft's approach even if they do share that "mantra" you came up with. This year alone Sony released FIVE games in five different franchises that were established this generation. Microsoft have released one (Gears 3). In the past two years, it's two (add Crackdown 2). Go back three years and it's still two.'

There is no magical Mantra that I created. It's simply all consoles try to build franchises that SELL more consoles..period.

Criticize Micrsofdt all you want, I could care less. But, if you are knocking them for releasing sequels to their biggest franchises, then knock Sony and Nintendo for doing the same.

'Sony released FIVE games in five different franchises that were established this generation' they released 5 sequels PERIOD. It doesn't matter what gen they were established. If that were the case then Nintendo would be out of business.

Of ocurse the two companies have different approaches. One has 20 studios, the other doesnt. Micrcosft's approach has been hugely successful, without having as many studios and have proved that you don't have to emulate Sony's business model to take a huge chunk of the marketshare.

While you PRETEND that in the last 3 years Micrsoft has only released 2 games that strated this gen, ACTUAL 360 gamers know the truth.

Micrsoft's four top franhises are Halo, Gears, Fable, and Forza. These four franchises have delivered multiple games this gen that have had major successes with critical & fan reception as well as retail sales.

Micrsoft has had a great two years of releases IMO.

The released Mass Effect 2,Crackdown 2, Alan wake, Halo Reach, Fable 3 among others.

But then in November they launched Kinect with 17 games. 10 were exclusives.

Then they sat back and collected the rewards for all of their hard work., wisely pushing Gears back to this Fall Slot.

Now they have Gears 3, Forza 4, and Halo Anniversary back to back.

Mixed with the two most successful franchises for Kinect with Dance Central 2 and Kinect Sports 2.

So it matters little what the detractors say, Micrsoft is doing exactly what they need to be doing for THEIR current and future install base, just as Sony and Nintendo do for theirs.


MrBeatdown2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


You seem pretty dead set on overlooking the obvious.

Sony releases sequels. Microsoft releases sequels. I never bashed either for doing so. But Sony keeps working on new IPs. Microsoft doesn't. THAT'S what I'm criticizing them for. Stagnation. Over-reliance on a select few IPs, and a lack of effort to try to expand their library if it doesn't get grandma and the five year olds on board. You'd rather pretend that's irrelevant, and that's too bad, because Microsoft will keep churning out Halo, Fable, Gears, and Forza, throw in some more shovelware Kinect titles, and expect you to lap it up, just like you're doing now. I love sequels, but I'm not blind enough to think that creating new core IPs is unimportant. What happens when Epic wants to move on from Gears? What happens when Fable loses steam? What happens when this new Halo trilogy ends? Are we going to get a third Halo trilogy? Is Kinectimals going to fill that void?

Sounds like an absurd suggestion doesn't it? That's because the vast majority of Kinect games are shallow, simplistic shovelware. Seriously, how many of those 10 Kinect exclusives you mentioned have you bought? Looking forward to seeing those IPs evolve? Going to be pre-ordering Kinectimals 2? Are they a suitable replacement for, say, PGR5 or Alan Wake 2, or Lost Odyssey 2, or a new IP all together?

If you really want to be anal about it, sure you can call Kinect Adventures and Kinectimals new IPs. You can cite your hollow numbers bolstered by crummy Kinect titles to prove me "technically" wrong. But it won't change that fact that I'm talking about stuff that's actually good, with compelling single player and addictive multiplayer, not casual market cash-ins. Sorry, but jumping up and down in a pretend raft doesn't quite interest me. Nor does petting an invisible tiger. But clearly, that's right up your alley and a suitable replacement for shooters, racing, RPGs and action games.

I don't care about "marketshare". It seems that always comes up. Any time a discussions of the games comes up from the perspective of the gamer, someone always tries to turn it into how great it's worked out for Microsoft, as if that's what we should care about. It's sad that the 360 was built and marketed for, and embraced by, the core gamers, yet Microsoft has abandoned any push toward new IPs that cater to that market. And it's too bad most of those early adopters would rather win a forum argument by bringing up Kinect exclusives and marketshare than hold Microsoft to the standard they set for exclusives from 2005 to 2008, and Sony has since surpassed.

Let me ask you something. Are you truly happy with ten Kinect exclusives? You think all the gamers that bought a 360 pre-Kinect are happy with Kinectimals, Kinect Adventures, Kinect Sports, and whatever other Kinect-crap games there are out there rather than new core IP? You think those gamers wouldn't be happier with quality controller-based games? I wouldn't think so, but then again, I wouldn't think someone would bring up cookie-cutter casual games and marketshare in a discussion of quality exclusive IPs.

EVILDEAD3602929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Lol...I'm not 'overlooking' anything..your comment makes your stance on the 360 pretty obvious. In fact it's pretty much the same stance regurgitated from the fan kids, fan blogger and detractors all year.

So we already know how this works..

If the 360 releases it's biggest franchises to amazing reception from it's install base (Reach generated 200 Million in it's first day) and critical accolades (Forza is the highest rated racer this year)...that somehow equates to the 360 is 'stagnated'

If the 360 releases franchises like Mass Effect (the 2nd a year early), Crackdown, Splinter Cell, Left 4 Dead etc. then somewhow people forget they even exist

If the 360 releases new Ips like Alan Wake and yearly critically acclaimed games through Live arcade then you will say 'Sony releases new Ips micrsoft don't'

But, in a year that saw LBP2, Killzone 3, Infamous 2, Resistance 3, Motorstorm: Apocolypse, MLB the Show, Yakuza 4, and Uncharted 3; I ask YOU to back up your claim and list all of these significant NEW IPs that Sony released THIS year?

Or does the fact prove that Sony relied heavily on sequels to select franchises that appeal to the install base? (just like Micrsoft)

And the best, now is if ANY exclusive is released for Kinect then it's automatically 'shovelware' and the only game the fan kids mention when trying to downplay Kinect is 'Kinectimals'..typical fan kid mentality.
When even critics can't deny games like Gunslinger and Dance Central 2 are 'quality' game and FAR from shovelware. Both of which your 'gramma' would break her hip playing.

'But clearly, that's right up your alley and a suitable replacement for shooters, racing, RPGs and action games'

Why does Kinect have to 'replace' anything or any genre? Shooters? Owning Kinect didn't stop 360 owners from playing Halo Reach, Gears of War 3, Rage Call of Duty: MW3 or Battlefield 3.

RPGs? It doesnt stop anyone from playing Deus Ex, Dark Souls, or Skyrim. Fable is getting it's own kinect game and Mass Effect 3 will use Kinect as well.

Racers? I'm using Kinect for Autovista and arcade driving for Forza 4 right now.

Nex year we will be using Kinect for Madden, Fifa, and Tiger as well.

At the end of the day, criticize Micrsoft all you want. But, it won't stop 360 gamers from enjoying supporting games on the system and it won't stop anyone from seeing through the hypocrisy.


MrBeatdown2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

"Why does Kinect have to 'replace' anything or any genre?"

It doesn't. And it shouldn't. Kinect should be supplemental to the existing line-up in the same way Move is to PS3, but you bring it up as Microsoft's defense as to why new core IPs are few and far between. If you think it shouldn't "replace" anything, maybe you should stop using it as an crutch to explain the absence on non-Kinect games.

It's a $150 accessory that the vast majority of 360 owners don't own, with a lacking line-up. Gunstringer, or a dancing game doesn't cut it. It doesn't justify the purchase, and it sure doesn't cater to the kind of gamer Microsoft targeted, marketed to, and sold their console to, like me, from 2005 to 2009.

I didn't buy my 360 for dancing games and tiger cub simulators, or for any other game like Gunstringer that you deem so wonderful. I bought it for traditional core controller-based games. More specifically, ones I couldn't get anywhere else. Multiplatform games don't cut it. I don't buy multiple consoles just to have multiple ways to play the same game.

But of course, in your warped view of things, expecting more than that makes me just like the "fan kids".

I didn't buy a Wii. You know why? Because Nintendo didn't market it as a hardcore games machine with an exclusive line-up that was second to none. Microsoft did. And that's why I bought a 360. I'm going to hold them to the promises they made and the expectations they themselves instilled in their customers until the next Xbox arrives. Shifting focus to casual Kinect stuff to expand their marketshare now that they've sold me a 360 doesn't sit well with me. Nor does offering up sequel after sequel in the same handful of franchises with only the odd new IP like Alan Wake thrown in ever few years. Hell, Alan Wake had been delayed so many times, it's a bit of joke to even considering that a recent effort by Microsoft to invest in new IP. Sequels are fine. Kinect is fine. It's the complacency Microsoft has with it's four core IPs that bother me.

You name dropped a few 360 games...

"Mass Effect (the 2nd a year early), Crackdown, Splinter Cell, Left 4 Dead etc."

So, you're trying to tell me that Microsoft offers up as much originality as Sony, yet you mention a timed exclusive from EA, a game from 2007 which went down the toilet with it's latest incarnation, a Ubisoft game, and Left 4 Dead, which came out in 2009. Really? You know why you need to do that? It's because Alan Wake is the only new noteworthy non-Kinect IP Microsoft has produced in three years. In that same time, Sony has come up with Infamous, Modnation Racers, MAG, and Heavy Rain. Valve, EA, and Ubisoft aren't going to pick up Microsoft's slack anymore. Valve is now fully committed to PS3. Mass Effect 3 will release on PS3 and PC the same day it releases on 360. Ubisoft released the Splinter Cell collection exclusively on PS3. It's Microsoft's job to provide exclusives. Real exclusives. Not timed DLC. Not games that only the fraction of 360 owners who own Kinect can play. Not small Arcade games. Full retail games. XBLA can have all the original games in the world. It doesn't matter because Arcade games are not retail games. They don't look the same and they don't play the same. There's a reason for the $45-$50 price difference.

Oh, and you said, "I ask YOU to back up your claim and list all of these significant NEW IPs that Sony released THIS year?"

Guess what? I don't have to. Because I never made that claim. I never said anything specifying that Sony released new IPs THIS YEAR. So, uh, reading comprehension FTW.

EVILDEAD3602928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

LOL @ it not even being worth it to continue going back and forth with you.

There's a reason why your using all your bubbles in multiple articles about 360 exclusives CLEARLY from the perspective of someone who doesn't play them. It's because you don't.

I'm LOL @ you continually changing your argument everytime they get smacked down. NOW your NEW argument is...

Bu-bu-but 'you're trying to tell me that Microsoft offers up as much originality as Sony, yet you mention a timed exclusive from EA, a game from 2007 which went down the toilet with it's latest incarnation.

LMFAO @ you resorting to pretending Mass Effect 2 (96 Metacritic btw) 'went down the toilet'..just to win an excluives argument on the net?

Then it's pretend time when you say...'you're trying to tell me that Microsoft offers up as much originality as Sony'

So please feel free to show me where this mythological 'originality' argument started.
You can't because it never did..follow your own advice..'Reading comprehension FTW'

So back to when I said back up your false claim that 'Sony makes new Ips, Micrsoft don't'..

I said show me one new Ip that Sony released this year. But you can't even produce one game.

Which basically proves my original point ALL consoles (not just Microsoft) rely on sequels to successful franchises to continue to sell software and hardware.

It's hilarious that you pretend that because games are released for Kinmect that they arent new IPs.But,the FACT is that Kinect Sports and Dance Central are two new exclusive IPs on the Xbox 360. Who cares if your silly point is bu-bu-but it's only offered to a fraction of the install base. That means absolutely nothing. Both games sold 3 million in year and some games never reach that lifetime.

LOl..again the hypocrisy and fan kid mantra still come from people who CLEARLY weren't hardcore 360 gamers in the first place.

Back to Forza 4 for me..


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dark-hollow2931d ago

They should care about exclusives more.
The fact that they let bioware go away from their hands and closing ensemble studios is just down right stupid.

darthv722931d ago

but they dont like people would want them to. Then again, they dont have to to what the other companies do to be in this business.

They have done alright so far.

kreate2931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

yeah thats the problem.
MS refuses to buy game studios like Sony. Instead they downsize it.

Im sure nobody here knows why MS is taking this approach but with the next gen consoles coming soon... MS next gen strategy is full of question marks.

perhaps they are taking a apple type of approach where they will try to sell the system with more 2nd and 3rd party software and adding a bunch of features into the box to distinguish itself unique and different from other consoles on the market with a huge advertising budget.

the new trend going on with the xbox is turning the xbox into a tv console than a gaming console.

Sony will most likely continue their current strategy with bringing the most first party exclusives to the consumers, becoming the only hardcore gaming console in the next gen market, hence the sales will probably struggle becuz of that at least in the US.

we'll see as more info gets leaked out throughout the coming years.

darthv722931d ago

is buying studios a requirement to play in this game? Whatever their strategy is, it's working for them. Will it have the same results next time.....?

kreate2931d ago

'since when....
is buying studios a requirement to play in this game?'

never was ... what's ur point? o_0;;

'Whatever their strategy is, it's working for them. Will it have the same results next time.....?'

hopefully it does, and hopefully it does throughout the world as well.
evaluating MS right now, im sure the next xbox will be just as successful as the current one if not more.

Godmars2902931d ago (Edited 2931d ago )

How when MS are the ones who ruined the concept in the first place? Overtly bought 1st rights to 3rd party "exclusives" as well as DLC.

And then there's the question that one asks about MS's ability to foster in-house IPs. The only thing they've got that's in-house, 1st party and proven is Turn 10. Gears is Epic, Bungie is gone and Lionheart has Molyneux making promises they can't keep.

"Next Gen" is going to be a refinment and afterthought of the current one.

dark-hollow2931d ago

Ruined the concept???

I call it smart business move and great for gamers overall.
Ms would be f**ked without the major pre-sony exclusives and games that weren't on the original xbox.

RE5, FFXIII, DMC and a lot more.

sashimi2931d ago

Those games don't sell the xobx, mass advertisement with celebrities in NA do, not to mention call of duty/halo/gears and now kinect?
But really its all about advertisements for NA since i'm pretty sure that is where they spend majority of their budget.

Op242931d ago

I sure hope so. Gears and Halo aren't going to cut it for much longer in my opinion.

Fishy Fingers2931d ago

They'll be first to market, so snapping up some "exclusives" shouldnt be to tricky.

Although, they've shown, you can easily compete with a few BIG name exclusives and good multiplat support. I dont think they'll deviate from that to much.

Noticeably_FAT2931d ago

They don't need to take many risks, I wouldn't if I were them. We've seen a ton of new IP's flop and fail to make money, while Gears, Forza, Fable, Halo, Crackdown, Splinter Cell ect.. all sell very well.

Hopefully they incorporate some more Alan Wake into the mix next gen as well. No need complaining about new IP's when nobody is buying them.

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2931d ago

Noticeably FAT drop us a beat! .......... Sorry, had to do it...

boommuffin2930d ago

honestly MS had a whole box of notable seies they good have brought like a sequel to perfect dark,maybe turn banjo into their main platformer(they REALY have like no platformers lol) when bungie was still with them they could have made use of the Marathon ip. Conker was a fun game they should have brought back too. im sure their are some other games in Rare's & the original xbox's catalog

Noticeably_FAT2930d ago

Well maybe Twisted Pixel will be able to work on something they already own? I doubt they are going to be doing XBLA games anymore.

DigitalRaptor2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

The advantage gamers playing on Sony platforms have is the great choice of exclusive content on a pretty damn regular schedule.

Sony haven't been making huge bucks on many of their less popular exclusive franchises, but continue to pump out new sequels and fresh IPs with all things considered. Look at their 'Pub Fund' scheme for PSN. That's what I will continue to prefer as a gamer who plays diverse. And holy crap - as if Microsoft can't afford to bring sequels to much loved franchises: Banjo, Conker, Kameo, Jade Empire, Project Gotham Racing etc. Do it for the fans M$!

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