Batman: Arkham City Review (Strategy Informer)

From "Well, one thing’s for sure about Batman: Arkham City - it’s a game I will never, ever stop playing. It’s full of surprises, gigantically better than the already superb Arkham Asylum, packed with content, and almost certainly my game of the year. When I think about things wrong with it all I can muster up are minor quibbles. It’s everything a Batman fan could possibly want, or gaming fans in general for that matter. It’s also impossible to talk about. ".

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Relientk772925d ago

Another perfect score, sick!

WolfLeBlack2925d ago

I'm not actually sure if ST class a ten as "perfect" or not. I'm going to have to go look now :D

aviator1892925d ago

No game is perfect. 10s, on most sites, usually mean that the very few flaws the game has, if any, are usually negligible and don't deter from the experience.

JokesOnYou2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

"Why so serious?" -perfect score does not eqaul perfect game, which btw no game is, I thought we already covered this a million times already...errr just be happy we get to enjoy the experience.

hmmmm, not even a Joker like me could be upset with what Rocksteady has done with this game.....tons of great reviews rolling in. Definitely looks like a strong GOTY contender so far.

-and that folks, is no Joke.

denero12925d ago

omg another 10 :) this is good news

wotta2925d ago Show
Pintheshadows2925d ago

Please Rocksteady, make a Justice League game. Or even better a Green Lantern game.

Jac5al2925d ago

I want to see a GOOD Justice League game badly. If there is one developer that could pull it off, it would be Rocksteady.

Troll-without-Bridge2925d ago

Wow, americans truly are crazy about Batman.

Pintheshadows2925d ago

Weird stereotype. I'm English and i'm crazy about Batman. But I also drink tea with the queen on Tuesdays and drive a yellow 3 wheeler. I am a strange enigma.

Troll-without-Bridge2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Oh yeah UK, what a cultural clash from the US. Give me a break.

People forget the United states was originally formed mainly by British folk.

Redgehammer2925d ago

People also forget that there were national origins, other than English, that populated the continent. However, I do agree that in the actual forming of America (Declaration of Independence, Constitution) British expatriates
were integral to the USA getting started as an independent country, and for that I personally am grateful.

The Tingler2924d ago

Yeah, but so's the rest of the world too.

And the guy who reviewed the game is English, not American. I should know, because I wrote it! :)

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