Marooners' Rock Review: Spider-Man: Edge of Time (PS3)

Ahmed writes: "The game seems to be a sequel to the previous game, although it does a good job of standing on its own without needing to play the previous one. The story this time focuses on time-travel as Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of 2099 discovers a plot by a scientist named Walker Sloane who works at Miguel's workplace Alchemax, the evil corporation that was the antagonistic force in the future wallcrawler's life. Sloane goes back in time to the 70's to form Alchemax early, giving himself all the power to control the future. Miguel, while trying to pursue him to the past, ends up the only person who knows how the timeline was meant to go before Sloane's meddling. And he discovers that as a result of the timeline's change, Peter Parker, the Amazing Spider-Man himself (now an employee of Alchemax instead of a photographer), will die at the hands of Anti-Venom. The two Spider-men have to get over their natural differences and work together to save the timeline from collapsing."

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