What FPS Titles Have Yet To Improve

PushStartSelect: "FPS titles have become the hottest selling item over recent years. The craze started back when ID made Doom, a game that would make you turn and bob your head because things were literally flying right at you. Of course the horror aspect made it all the more awesome, but the genre has changed and expanded into all sorts of formulas. We still have the horror titles like Fear, Doom, and even Quake, but the genre is now lead by the blockbusters of Call of Duty or Battlefield. A more “modern” take on the FPS with stories normally taking place in war. While these titles go on to sell millions of units and make tons of money for these companies, there are still problems with each installment that existed way back when Doom was originally released. The problems seem to always get overlooked and perhaps one day will be addressed."

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solidworm2927d ago

MW needs to improve or GTFO.

narutogameking2927d ago

Modern Warfare 3 has a ton of improvements. Look it Up.
Day 1 BABY!


SixShotCop2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

lmao! Wormy mad.

DEADEND2927d ago

FPS games needs to improve their story telling like others games such as Uncharted, Mass Effect and Zelda. It's like every FPS feels the same when you get down to the bones of the game story wise.