RAGE PC version slammed by poor user reviews on Metacritic

The launch of RAGE on PC hasn't exactly gone smoothly for id Software, and now buyers are expressing their discontent via poor user reviews on the popular review aggregator site, Metacritic.

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reynod2921d ago

Its gonna go for 10usd on Steam in 2-3months time, that will be the right time to pick it up, if at all.

PirosThe4th2921d ago

lol... It looks bad on pc... too many low res textures... >__>

JsonHenry2921d ago

Yeah man, even AFTER the new drivers from AMD/Nvidia AND a patch from the devs themselves it so messed up that some textures look like pictures almost and then right next to it is a texture so poor it looks like a texture from 2000.

I really regret buying it.

elshadi2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

i don't know who disagrees with you
but i played it on my pc
and i turn it back to the shop after 2 hours
Rage without any doubt is loaded with low res textures
and pop in
this guy (carmack) dose not know shit
and he only
talk talk talk
i'm holding the money of that game
for BF3 on Pc

PirosThe4th2920d ago

Honestly... the game was deeply compromised by consoles... just like crysis 2... expect a high res patch in a few months. Honestly, I'd buy it later once it's cheaper

lelo2play2921d ago

I got it on PC. It's a very good game, but it's plagued with technical issues. On the PC It's a technical mess.

Chnswdchldrn2921d ago

I disagree. The game isn't very good even despite the technical issues. It only took me 16 hours to do everything in the entire game. Thats totall bullshit, cuz I was expecting an amazingly deep 20 hour campaign for id and got this half assed game

Perjoss2921d ago

huh, have you played any id games? all id games are short, all the dooms and quakes can be finished in a short amount of time, Rage is their longest game by far (I dunno, maybe that RPG on the DS is long?)

PirosThe4th2920d ago

lol longest game...

Final Fantasy X ... was 120 hrs into it... and had one sidequest to go plus last dungeon fight :P

Well 16hs for an FPS isn't bad though.

Perjoss2920d ago

@ PirosThe4th

You didn't read my post did you.

AAWELLS092921d ago

The game runs fine on my PC i dunno why but it does and it looks amazing such beautiful graphics not so much up close but other than that for me its great.

bumnut2920d ago

At times it is the best looking game I have ever played, but some of the up close textures are appalling.

The patch added more graphics options, but I don't see any difference tbh.

NukaCola2921d ago

USER REVIEWS are worthless. Here is examples:

"Game looks gay so why would I play it?" 0/10
"This Shizznetzz teh awesummm SAAAUCCEE" 10/10
"Nice graphics but it's a puzzle game" 1/10
"Game is boring" 0/10
"Bestest GAYYYMMEEE EVAA!!" 10/10
"I'll get around to buying it later, I am getting COD instead so" 5/10

This is why I do not ever take Users reviews into account. Most sites, they are cool to read since it's other gamers opinions, but meta user reviews are worthless.

BattleAxe2921d ago

Gotta love the CoD excuse lol

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The story is too old to be commented.