Battlefield 3 Seine Crossing Gameplay Part 1

" uploaded Footage showing the Map Seine Crossing (MP_Paris) with some Gameplay Commentary played on the Playstation 3. The sister Map to Operation Metro, also taking part in Paris. They had a chance to play the new Team Deathmatch Mode on this Map and, it looks like it will also feature some intense close quarter Combat on the streets of Paris. Check it out while it’s Hot"

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Hufandpuf2927d ago

The guy playing is so bad it's hilarious.

M-Easy2927d ago

You ever notice how ALL gameplay demos for any game the players are awful? I read its because they don't want to show to much violence so the suck on purpose. I doubt that, these guys just plain suck.

Shackdaddy8362927d ago

I think it's because the guy is focused on showing off the game rather than winning so they usually suck.

malol2927d ago

i for once cant talk and play
i get distracted
im more than sure its the same case with those guys

Relientk772927d ago

Wow this guy should learn how to play a shooter game


Fil1012926d ago

yeah really bad, if he was in my squad i'd kick him also the voice over for the video is horrible. also there playing this in DM mode which does'nt show the full potential of the map. But am still getting more excited about this game every day that passes.

Relientk772927d ago

Like Wow!

Battlefield 3 looks amazing graphically AND also the gameplay looks equally amazing. The new engine looks completely fantastic. I am eager to see the reviews, and play the game for myself.

Biggest2927d ago

Where is the flood of "OMG THIS BETA SUCKS SO THE GAME SUCKS TOO!!!" posters? This game looks amazing. Hoping for someone to preview the larger maps soon. I can't wait 10 days.

Relientk772927d ago

That video looks too good. you can't say anything bad. lol

Convas2927d ago

Just 11 more days! X)

solidworm2927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

shit this looks incredible.

MGRogue20172927d ago (Edited 2927d ago )

I can see that the devs have fixed the screen-tearing in the PS3 version.. but I saw quite a huge drop in FPS at around 3:47 in the vid.. Are Dice really taking full advantage of the PS3's SPEs/CELL processor..? Doesn't look like it to me..

I hoped that they would have fixed the frate-rate issues from the Beta.. ah well, Hopefully the framerate drops don't happen too often.. especially in intense fire-fights.

4022926d ago

the ps3 just like 360 is no match for a 2005 ultra spec pc so please don't expect it to match the pc version even the pc version running minimum(lowest possible) settings will look much better than the console version this was the case with crysis 2

the cell is overrated and only outpeforms a Pentium 4 on single precision vector based operations(which are what the spes are good at) which is just 1 area out of so many that determine overall cpu performance. the cell is a better gpu co-processor than cpu

BF3 should be fun on all platforms though

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The story is too old to be commented.