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Dance Central 2 is a typical music game sequel – it works better, offers more, yet feels fundamentally the same – but it’s a practised improvement to an already eye-catching routine.

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EVILDEAD3602930d ago

Wow.DC2 got an 8 in Edge? definately must be good.

rob60212930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

It's good because it's on Xbox, this is Edge we're talking about here. You have to subtract 1 or 2 points to get the real score. Please do not give this site hits if you value objectivity in Game Reviews.

Perjoss2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

I think you're wrong twice, firstly EDGE are biased in favor of Nintendo not xbox, secondly if EDGE gives an 8 then its more like a 9 or 10 on other sites / magazines.

rob60212930d ago

If you want to argue that they aren't biased go right ahead. This is a discussion after all. Any time a review comes up for a game from edge, people do deserve to know if a publication has a history of favoritism. They then can make up their own judgement based on that past reviewing behavior. Edge is biased, and people do deserve to know the truth. Or I should just 'get out', so this publication can have all criticism of it wiped clean? I believe Edge does have the right to keep reviewing games, though the evidence suggests we shouldn't give them a free reign of implied objectivity.


scofios2930d ago


When i read your posts , you act like you are one of them pc elite. but we all know your just anther xboy in disguise.

Perjoss2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Sorry if I offended you in any way. If you don't like what I write you have the following options: stop stalking me, remove my bubbles, add me to your ignore list.

edit: and I'm sorry that I like Rage, it wont happen again, can I go now?

Disccordia2929d ago

Edge are so biased towards xbox that they keep giving their goty to... Ps3 games!

Perjoss2929d ago

Disccordia, I knew someone who actually reads Edge would eventually comment, most people only see the Edge scores from articles on here and don't really know what they're talking about.

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PeZuS2930d ago

Edge giving a game an 8/10 that feels the same as the previous entry?? I thought 6-7 was their standard for those games, oh wait, that's only when they review PS3 games.

Noticeably_FAT2930d ago

This game is getting solid reviews. G4TV gave it a 5/5

I might have to get it sooner then anticipated if more solid reviews start coming in.