50 Million DS Units Sold

Juan of Vivid Gamer writes:

"The Nintendo DS has sold 50 million units in the United States and people are still buying the Wii."

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theherp802931d ago

pretty sure the 3ds is going to have a hard time topping the DS's success.

user8586212931d ago

pretty sure no handheld will top the DS anytime soon

darthv722930d ago

the 3ds is part of the ds family I can see them topping it at some point.

The main drive in sales hasnt been from 3ds games as of yet. Its been of people buying the 3ds to also play their existing library of ds titles.

A marketing angle Nintendo isnt really exploiting at the moment. Every DS, DSL, DSi, DSiXL and 3DS can play the same DS games. Talk about backwards, sideways, forwards and upside down compatibility.

eagle212931d ago

That's what they said about DS vs. Game Boy Advance success. DS started off slow and really picked up steam. I supported DS, now 3DS. So it's really just 49,999,999 other purchases.....not too

Anon19742930d ago

Looking at the American numbers, I noticed that DS sales were down 64% from last year, but when you add DS and 3DS sales together in the US it's pretty damn close to what the DS sold last year in Sept.

So the 3DS is obviously picking up the DS's slack. Maybe it's not all doom and gloom for the 3ds as some (including myself) had suggested previously.

AdvanceWarsSgt2930d ago

Why would it be shocking to see DS sales down 64% from last year? Were you equally as shocked when PS1 sales were down after the PS2 was released?

And only a fanboy bought into the 3DS being a flop. Anyone with a rational brain and knowledge in economics knew it wasn't going to flop.

rrquinta2931d ago

Not surprising. The DS family was a great handheld. I still use mine regularly.

ncstatefan9532931d ago

If I had one, I'm pretty sure I would only play Pokemon.

Relientk772931d ago

The DS was the last handheld I bought actually. I play it occassionally

narutogameking2931d ago

Congratz Nintendo!
Hopefully the 3DS can match those sales in a few years!

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