Enjoy the Art of the Final Fantasy XIV Reboot

Square Enix published today a large batch of artwork about the Final Fantasy XIV reboot that will lead to version 2.0. Now you can enjoy it at full resolution.

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Godmars2902924d ago

Certainly will be getting an artbook if its offered.

The MMO should it come to the PS3? Not so much.

sealava2924d ago

great art work.
only wish the game play matched the art .

Abriael2924d ago

It's definitely starting to.

Tigerfist2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

This game is just lolish...

Spenok2924d ago

Omg this looks amazing. As the article states if even half of what is promised comes to fruition then this game will have home from terrible, to (as of now) worth playing, to when 2.0 launches AMAZING.

Too bad we have to wait another year for these changes :/

Abriael2924d ago

Eh, I can wait. It's not like I have nothing to play in the meanwhile :D

Spenok2923d ago

Lol you have a point. Their is plenty to play on the meantime. I just wish FFXIV had launched this way. It's certainly improved since launch tho. And this only makes it look that much better.

Zichu2924d ago

I have to admit, the graphics on that first image look amazing. I have already played it, but at release. The graphics where nice then, but with that new UI, makes it look so much better. Big ass weapons, etc.

I also really like the concept art. I might consider starting it up again, make a new character and hopefully it will be very good. Obviously won't start it till 2.0 is released or something.