Which Characters Should Be Included In Super Smash Bros WiiU and 3DS? [TG]

With the new Super Smash Bros a couple of years away, we look at which characters should be included and what their fighting styles would be. By Jason of Trendy Gamers.

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Relientk772923d ago

I would love to see:

- Megaman
- Zero (from Megman X series)
- Kunckles (from Sonic)
- Midna (Zelda: Twlight Princess)

princejb1342923d ago

i think the characters don't matter as much as long as the gameplay goes back to melee days
but if i did was to pick a nintendo character i would say
banjo kazooie
midna from twilight princess
megaman x
knucles and perhaps tails
and of course bowser jr

GOLDEN SUN characters pleaseeeeeee isaac at least

Relientk772923d ago

Good choices, Banjo Kazooie is one I didn't think of

rexbolt2923d ago

i dont think we ned a silly bear...

TrendyGamers2923d ago

I could always post them as honorable mentions tomorrow.

jacksonmichael2923d ago

Why did you comment 3 different times? You could have just edited. Oh, this is your story; you wanted more attention... Oh well. Better luck next time.

And why in the hell did you include Harry Potter? Lol.

TrendyGamers2923d ago

And Mike from Star Tropics may or may not be one of those honorbale mentions.

TrendyGamers2923d ago

Wow, I really expected this article to get more than 40 degrees! I should've included someone from Battlefield or Call of Duty!

dark-hollow2923d ago

Or you should trash the 360/ps3 to get high degrees

chanmasta2923d ago

Maybe it's because articles about characters in future SSB games come up often on N4G.

Tanir2923d ago


another one of these games.....they get worse and worse.

well i guess midna, wolf link.....ummmm....... yeeeeaaah, maybe that new enemy from skyward sword. idk, they will probably add princess rosalina too.

eitherway not really gonna play this game, but for people who love it, Yay for them

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The story is too old to be commented.