Assassin's Creed Revelations Playable in 3D on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC

For the first time in the history of the storied franchise, players will be able to experience the thrilling, action-packed gameplay and vibrant, breath-taking world of Assassin’s Creed in 3D on all available platforms.

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StanLee2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

So many big games being released in the next few weeks that Assassin's Creed Revelations has almost been lost in the shuffle. I'm pretty sure some great reviews will raise its profile. Looking forward to it.

Number_132925d ago

Actually, it has been doing some pretty decent pre-orders in the Americas, I stand to be corrected but the 360 version is currently the 9th most pre-ordered game, ahead of the ps3 version of BF3 (I kid you not) Halo Anniversary (11th) and Uncharted 3 (12th).
So I'd say it's holding its own pretty well.

Laxman2162924d ago

Oh wow! I really thought Uncharted would be one of the very highest. I know it has been pre-ordered heaps, so those that are above it must really be selling well.

BushLitter2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

It think it has a big enough following to get by with any hype. Remember, AC franchise is the most successful new franchise this gen.

I wonder how the 3D will compare as against Uncharted 3. Apparently U3 is the Avatar of 3D gaming.

Not that any of it effects me, still need to get 3D TV!

StanLatMarveldotCom2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I think you're mistaken there mate. Gears of War is the most successful new franchise this gen. It's better reviewed and has sold more than 15 million units across all 3 titles and has generated over 1 billion in revenue. Combine critical acclaim, sales and revenue and you'd be hard press to find another new IP this gen that competes. Uncharted is probably right there in terms of critical acclaim and sales of Uncharted Drakes Deception and PS Vita version should inch them close to Gears of War's sales success.

Brownghost2925d ago

i hate 3d its a stupid gimmick and i immediately take off the glasses

colonel1792925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

I like it just for games, and only when it adds depth, and not when they try to get things "out" of the TV. In movies it sucks.

But yeah I agree, it's a gimmick. Although I will buy the Sony Personal TV Viewer... LOL

jetlian2925d ago

loving 3d.The more the better

Shadowaste2925d ago

PC is the way to play 3d, no visual sacrifices are made and you can play 3d in every game!

gravemaker2925d ago

true 3d only on pc, consoles gets parody of it

milohighclub2924d ago

I played crysis 2 on high specs in 3d and it wasn't much different from console 3d, still had crosstalk.