Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim PC Requirements Coming Next Week

Bethesda announcing Skyrim PC specs next week

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psb2921d ago

how is this news? When it'll be announced, then it's news, announcement of announcement, seems lame imho.

DarkBlade46582921d ago

half the crap on N4G shouldn't be considered news then.

Look at the top banner today. "DICE has 'a massive Battlefield 3 DLC plan'"...By your logic, it's only news when they actually announce the DLC

Kran2921d ago (Edited 2921d ago )

Alright fine.

If the world ends next week, ill make sure the world doesn't tell us.... or You.

Si-Fly2921d ago

@psb : so youd feel the same about the games release date? "don't tell me when it's coming out, tell me once it's released"

pr0digyZA2921d ago

I prefer this to a top 10 best looking stones in games list.

Si-Fly2921d ago

Youre good to go then! Gtx580 sli, hoping for decent triple screen performance ...

radphil2921d ago

I like how the people that commented up top used way different examples in this situation.

Having an announcement about PC requirement announcement isn't

A game release date is different as it impacts the time where people will have enjoyment.

I mean really're defending something that shouldn't really be even getting hits for...

ScubaSteve12921d ago

the 360 version will have to do until i get a good desktop to run this game full settings on pc

invisiblezero2921d ago

Hell ya! Can't wait! Here's hoping it uses DirectX11.

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