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Brutal Gamer writes:

When id tell you they’re making a new shooter you sit up and listen – history has taught us that. When id say that John Carmack has a brand spanking new engine you wonder in awe at the tech on display – history has taught as that too. When you sit down to play the new id game then, post Quake 2, you kinda expect it to look great but ultimately blow – history once again has taught us that. Well it’s apparently time to rewrite id history as RAGE breaks the status quo.

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TheWolverine2925d ago

Actually, i thought it did blow. just my opinion

sickbird2925d ago

im 5 hours in and im not really compelled to go back. A tleast there is like zero story so when i come back to it at a later date i wont be lost.

bens2925d ago

I loved Rage and thought it was amazing. Great atmosphere,
AI, guns etc. I don't know why people are complaining
about this game, i mean it's not perfect, but it's fun
and that's what matters. Deserves a 9. Well done ID.