Resistance 3 first month sales revealed

Resistance 3 was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated PS3 exclusives releases of this year, with many saying it being the last PS3 exclusive title by Insomniac, who’s since then signed a deal with EA. However, its first month sales figures are shocking to say the least, at least in the U.S.

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GamingForever2922d ago

this s really sad, I loved playing the game, it deserved a lot of success.

Sub4Dis2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

i agree, it was a lot better than 2 and a lot of fun to play. i think the fact that dead island did so well and this did so poorly is a testament to how important advertising is. dead island is a giant, steaming pile of dog shit. haven't played a worse game since Too human.

@below: i couldn't talk a single friend into getting it to play along side me. bummer

nondecaf2922d ago

My thoughts ala killzone.

StanLee2922d ago

I've said before and I'll say it again, Sony hung this game out to dry. Little marketing, not much shown in the gaming media, not a lot of support pushing the title. It still did very well. At least those who are long standing fan still supported the game and I count myself as one of them.

M-Easy2922d ago

Yeah its a great game with awesome gameplay. So what I don't understand is what constitutes a flop? Any game game that doesn't sell 1 mil 1st week? Is there a barometer or cut off number for sales that say if a game flops or not?

A certain exclusive on another console underperformed, it couldn't take in the #1 spot and its not out pacing the last game, is that a flop? If BF3 sells 9 mil and MW3 sells 12 mil does that mean BF3 flopped? I need a definition.

Iamback2922d ago Show
Number_132922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Flop in this case is selling significantly lower than expected for a AAA budget exclusive game sequel.
@darkride below, the first Resistance was a LAUNCH title. There weren't 20 million ps3's in the US as there are now so initial sales were expectedly low.
That coupled with the fact that there were not alot of games on ps3 led to it eventually to its high lifetime sales.
Resistance 2 didn't sell as much as the first and now Resistance 3 seems to be continuing the trend for this series, each iteration selling significantly sell than the previous despite the larger install base
About PS3 owners not "rushing out"(as if its a bad thing) to buy games, that excuse would hold water if games like FIFA 12, CoD, PES, Assassin's Creed ect. didn't debut in the millions each iteration on ps3.

Anon19742922d ago

Isn't this about what the first Resistance game sold in the first month in the US? And then it went on to almost reach 4 million overall?

When are people going to get it through their heads - the PS3 demographic doesn't all rush out and buy new games all at once for the most part. We see this all the time. Remember the criticism of Uncharted 2 sales, or the "LittleBigPlanet" flop articles? LBP sold 2 million before the price was cut - and it's a platformer. What platformer that doesn't have "Mario" somewhere in the title can boast these kinds of numbers, oh bu-bu-but it's a flop!

How many times does the gaming media have to get this wrong before they wise up? And you'll never see them print a retraction.

Anyway...I know I'm still getting it. That was never in doubt. I'm just not in any big hurry.

taylork372922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )


I give you a definition.

A game flops when it doesn't get enough sales to guarentee a sequel.

If the devs and Sony monetarily questions if a sequel is plausible I would say that is a flop.

Resistance 3 was a flop.

I bought the game and enjoyed it (even though it was really short, even on hard), but its saddening to see such low sales.

Sony needs to start being the company that most of the fanboys on here make them out to be. They need to give their game the ad support.


Dead Island was a great game.

Army_of_Darkness2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Hey, if my long time friend suddenly decided to become friends with my enemy and keep it "neutral" because he thinks having my rival as a friend can also be benefical... why would I even care to support his ideas anymore?! sure I'll say good work, but thats about it.

malol2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

doubt their multiplat game is going to do any good too

Insomniac seemed to lost their touch at the start of this gen
i did play the first 2 Resistance games
and while they are good they are nothing special TBH
that's how i felt anyway
and i never played a R&C game so IDK about those

M-Easy2922d ago

You said "Flop in this case is selling significantly lower than expected for a AAA budget exclusive game sequel."

OK so what is "significantly lower" and how do you know the budget for R3? You have no idea how much it cost to make. For all you know they're already in the black. You say lower than expected but who says what's expected and where do I find those numbers?

U said "A game flops when it doesn't get enough sales to guarentee a sequel."

Alan Wake is getting a sequel and R3 sold almost 4 times as much as Wake did the 1st month. Plus like Darkride said R:FoM sold less than R3 in its 1st month and it got 2 sequels. I don't think you have any idea what you're talking about. Plus this was supposed to be the last game in the series so another reason why your logic is flawed.

kikizoo2922d ago

only dumbs can disagree with sub4dis.

great game, already 500 000 sold worlwide + long legs, like other ps3 games (don't forget that ps3 is selling more games than competition, but dead island, ton of exclusives, fifa, pes, etc don't help licences like resistance to sell a lot at start)

jetlian2922d ago

people get to an understanding that not every games is gonna sell 1 million plus week one this will be easier.

RE was never a real contender in the FPS market or a AAA title. Its whole success was just being a ps3 release title.

RE: fom had low first month sale because there wasn't nearly that many systems the first month it released and the ones that were sold half were on ebay for 700 dollars or more!

Number_132922d ago

@Army of Darkness, that would make sense if Resistance 3 belonged to Insomniac, it doesn't, it belongs to SONY, ie they FUNDED it. It doesn't make business sense to ignore a project you paid millions for simply because the 2nd party you hired to do the job is working on their own project as well.
SONY aren't as petty as their fanboys, they wouldn't do something so stupid.
@M-Easy common sense dictates what is expected and I can assure you SONY didn't go into this expecting it to sell significantly less than the previous iteration which released when there were 30 or so LESS PS3's in the world. I know you are just trying to defend your beloved console here and if you want to believe that Resistance 3, budget was so small that it has already made a profit off of 180 k units then that is your prerogative and I won't argue with it, delusional as it may be.
If you want to believe that expectations at SONY were for their 3rd game in a popular franchise to be outsold by a critically inferior zombie slasher then you my friend should not run a business.

clearelite2922d ago

Yes, your point is a great example of why advertising and marketing are so important. It seems that Sony spends a lot of money on R&D and creating great exclusives, therefore don't always have enough money left to raise awareness for some of their games.

dark-hollow2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

But sure they rushed to stores to buy dead island and dues ex HR instead /:

gamingdroid2922d ago

I don't think that is entirely true, other games sell very well on the PS3 the first week.

Those sales figures are abysmal for a much touted exclusive IP. New ip's tend to have slow sales, but sequels tend to have up-front sales.

I wonder if Sony dropped the ball on marketing, because of Insomniac's departure or maybe that is why Insomniac left?

longcat2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

TBH, I cant see myself paying $60 for yet another shooter.

RPG or platformer...sure
But there are simply too many shooters to justify the expense to me.
If you count in K3, ME2 and UC3 i wonder if there are more shooters released on PS3 than on Xbox this year

Supply and demand...its all about S&D

callahan092922d ago

At the people saying "PS3 fanboys just brag about exclusives, they don't actually buy them." My response is: how many PS3 fanboys do you think their *are* on the internet? First of all, it isn't anywhere near 180,000 people that you see "bragging about exclusives." And that 180,000 sales doesn't include sales outside of North America, but a lot of those people you see online bragging about the exclusives do indeed reside outside of North America. Probably most of those so-called fanboys who brag about the game in question DO count amongst that number that went out and bought the game, contributing to that sales number.

ABizzel12922d ago

This is really sad, and I'm unfortunately one of the many who have yet to purchase this game.

My reason is because I have so little time to play anything, and then there are so many other games coming out, somethings had to fall off. I have it here from Gamefly, but I still haven't opened the package. I'm going to buy it later so I can add it to my collection (maybe this weekend with Toys R Us Buy 2 get 1 free sale).

People if you want Resistance 3 or like the franchise, then do yourself, Insomniac, and the franchise a favor and pick it up from Toys R Us this weekend along with 2 other games.

My choices are Resistance 3, Gears 3, and Batman Arkham City. I advise you do the same or something similar.

Highlife2922d ago


I am sure most have but we don't represent most of the gamers out there. We are just a small group who care to read up on gaming and know the game is out there. I am sure that the average gamer might not even know that the game is out. Or they might think the the game is for the sharp shooter (move controller) only. That was a very bad add that I only saw once. They should have just show some gameplay.

gaffyh2922d ago

It was the best Resistance of the series, and the only reason I can think of for it having low sales is that Insomniac changed Resistance 2 too much, and going back to the original style in Resistance 3 was too little too late.

TBM2922d ago


I played and beat gears, but i didn't buy it i borrowed it from my brother who got it free from his job. We both bought R3 and played it coop we loved it. Its a blast to play.

If im looking forward to a game I'll buy it whether exclusive or 3rd party.

Would people say the same thing if forza has the same numbers after the first month? If after one month forza numbers don't match say gears numbers i hope you can take the abuse your trying to dish out here.

disturbing_flame2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

No campaign ? Are you sure ? This game had a lot of trailers, it has been highlighted at E3 event, it appears in several commercial, it had been bundled with PS3, it has also a sharpshooter bundle, the game has been presented in the biggest webzine on the internet, it had also a free demo on the PSN...

No this game has been promoted, i think that PS3 users have been maybe disapointed because they didn't find noticable changement in Insomniac engine and thought the PS3 could do a lot more than what the game offered.

disturbing_flame2922d ago

Actually there's also the fact that PS3 users don't push exclusivities to maximum sells, there are lot of game, and also a lot of good multiplatforms titles, maybe Resistance was less sexy to them than other games they wanted to play more.

Resistance 3 was a really good game, better than R2, with its oldschool flavor, i dig it a lot.
But i also think Insomniac have maybe not match the goals players expected from such franchise. It's sad because this studio is very talented, but on this gen they did not reach the point where their games could be hyped.

Ratchet and Clank, A clock in time, is for me their best game on PS3. This game is a perfect hit, totally killer, fun and addictive story and it also flopped. This game was gold, a pure gem, i really hoped it could do better than this score. I think PS3 users missed one of the best game of this gen on their console. A real shame.

JaredH2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

That sucks for Insomniac since the worse received Resistance 2 sold twice as much in its first month. I thought Resistance 3 was way better than R2 but I didn't like the lack of the co-op mode.

It's not a flop but it further shows why companies go multiplatform. I know people are saying Resistance 3 will have length and it will but the games in the series are selling less and less with each new iteration. It looks even worse for a new numbered Resistance game to be made by Insomniac.

XDF2922d ago

@darkride "When are people going to get it through their heads - the PS3 demographic doesn't all rush out and buy new games all at once for the most part. We see this all the time."

LOL, did you just made this up to make yourself feel better. Here are some of the other excuses when a PS exclusive bombed:

Let me see:

1. PS3 has too many exclusives to choose from, thus the low sale.

2. We are waiting for Uncharted 3 instead.

3. Isomniac betrayed us by going multiplatform. PS Nation boycotted Resistance 3.

4. NPD is not the WORLD!

5. As Darkride said, PS3 exclusives are sloowwww burner. It will be 2 million before anyone notice.

XabiDaChosenOne2922d ago

@Number_13 Wow really? You ran it to a dead end on your side of the argument and you pull out the fanboy card lmao! "common sense dictates what is expected"" What a vague statement, could you please be more specific?
SONY didn't go into this expecting it to sell significantly less than the previous iteration which released when there were 30 or so LESS PS3's in the world."" Console sales have no indication on how much a game should sell. Halo 1 and 2 sold better than most PS2 exclusives last gen with a significantly smaller install base. Your logic fails

JaredH2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I actually think Insomniac has a better reason to go multiplatform now.

It might start selling better from word of mouth with it being better received by the community than R2 but selling half the amount than the game before it is a lot even if only for a month. On a side note why does wikipedia say R3 sold 2 million copies it's first month. I'm guessing a fanboy did that.

EVILDEAD3602922d ago

@ M Easy
'OK so what is "significantly lower" and how do you know the budget for R3? You have no idea how much it cost to make. For all you know they're already in the black. You say lower than expected but who says what's expected and where do I find those numbers?'

It hilarious to see you flip flop now that the game is Resistance 3.

When just yesterday you tried to pretend Gears of War flopped even though it sold 3 million its first week and a half.

Gears is on track to sell more than it ever did but you claimed it's sales were 'disappointing' day later and look what your saying about Resistance 3..

'Yeah its a great game with awesome gameplay. So what I don't understand is what constitutes a flop? Any game game that doesn't sell 1 mil 1st week? Is there a barometer or cut off number for sales that say if a game flops or not?'

LOL @ the hypocrisy when it comes a 'certain console' that you own..classic N4G


JsonHenry2922d ago

I thought Dead Island was a fun game. Not great, but good.

And I think that R3 was a decent game that was ruined by lack of advertising and a poor previous entry that left a bad taste in people's mouths.

SilentNegotiator2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

The commercials were terrible. They focused way too much on the move gun, but didn't even explain THAT very well.

Sad. R3 was spectacular.
Hopefully the WW numbers are total is decent. It was the 7th best selling game of September, after all.

You know, though, after Resistance 2 disappointed, and there was no great marketing campaign to rejuvenate attention to the series, I guess this was expected enough.

"my fellow ps3 fan(boys) only brag about exclusive, but don't buy them"
Who said people on N4G didn't buy it?

GrandTheftZamboni2922d ago

This crap again. No way R3 is gonna sell less than 2.5, 3 million. We've seen this kind of articles that make haters happy for a short time.

MysticStrummer2922d ago

I haven't played R3 yet, but it it sad how well Dead Island did. DI is average to below average in every way except for the number of bugs it had at launch. The fact that Game Informer gave DI and Deus Ex: Human Revolution the same score is really mind blowing to me. DE:HR is sooo much better.

Narutone662922d ago

I haven't bought this game yet, since there are a lot of games that I've bought but haven't the time to finish them. I'll buy this game later on together with KZ3. That's the problem with Sony, too much great games from the console, but too little time and money for them.

Legion2922d ago


So you are saying that MS should have done the same when Epic chose to make Bulletstorm multiplatform and just forget about Gears 3? Your thoughts that Sony just gave up on advertising for RES3 because Insomniac Games chose to go multiplat is just stupid in a business sense.

The_Con-Sept2921d ago

It is a simple fact that unless MAGAZINES talk about them way too much and they are constantly covered on every issue to the point they can't stand not having the full version seems to be what really sways people into buying it.

I remember when I bought into a series called .hack//. Not too many people remember this title and the game was epic. I for one did not care about how big its install base was because to me it is an awesome RPG. Sure it was redundant but the second series had much, much more. Yet it sold significantly less copies than its first iteration. It also had a PSP version.

Advertisement does play a role but it is only half the battle.

Word of mouth spreads faster. Let your friends play a round at your house and then they will see what you see in it. At least that is how I got into Tony Hawk. I also don't watch TV at all anymore so I can't see the ads unless they appear on youtube.

Veneno2921d ago

i didn't get it cause the vs multiplayer count was cut to 16. the large number of players was the best part. It made it feel like a real war. Insomniac screwed up there.

+ Show (34) more repliesLast reply 2921d ago
buddymagoo2922d ago

One of the best co-op campaign that I have ever played! Really disappointed more people didn't get to enjoy it.

taylork372922d ago

i enjoyed it but it was too short IMO.

MariaHelFutura2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I think Insomniac screwed up w/ the direction they took R2 which hurt R3, Sony didn't advertise it enough and when they did it was all about the PSMove. Plus there are sooooooooooooooooooooooooo many games coming out in the next month its beyond ridiculous. All of this, led to this.

Silly Mammo2922d ago

I think you're right about the release date. I wonder if it would have done better being released in Feb/Mar?

TheFallenAngel2922d ago

They did screw up big time with R2. Fall of Man was the best of the series. Im a huge fan of Fall of Man only.

RememberThe3572922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I think R2 did have a lot to do with it plus the ad they used was kind of lame.

I think R2 left a sour taste in peoples mouths and with so many shooters coming out they seem to have chosen to pass R3 up. It's too bad because it's the campaign I've played all year.

Sigh2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )


I agree on the marketing by Sony with Resistance 3. I wished they would have another commercial showcasing the game besides JUST the Kevin Butler one with the sharpshooter. That's prolly the only commerical I know of that advertised Resistance 3. It's such a shame, I had so much fun with this game, prolly the best resistance game I've played yet. Only Resistance where I liked both the multi and story modes as well.

callahan092922d ago

I agree. The Kevin Butler ads for individual games have frankly got to go. He was great for advertising the console, but when it comes to trying to sell viewers an individual game, just show the game. Most of the commercials devolved into Kevin Butler's talking head just spewing words out at the viewer and not enough of showing the game in a stylish manner. Compare the Gears 3 commercial to the Resistance 3 commercial, they're polar opposites. Gears 3's commercial shows the game and the carnage you can expect to encounter while playing it while juxtaposing it with that classical-style, slower-paced, emotional-type music. The Resistance 3 commercial hardly shows the game or the experience of being in the game at all and instead shows the totally non-warlike faces of Kevin Butler and a pile of gamers as KB talks vaguely about gaming in general and not even terribly specifically about what it's like to play the game he's marketing. His voiceover is energy over a picture of nothing, while the Gears commercial is a picture of energy over dulcet tones for sound. One of them engages the viewer and makes them think "That's a world I want to delve into" and the other one makes the viewer go "But what's the game like?"

aquamala2922d ago

no wonder the game has a trade in value of only $8 at Amazon. and online is dead, people must be trading this in.

SoapShoes2922d ago

Uh... Online is most certainly not dead. If the trade in value is so low it's doubtful anyone's trading it in. Quite the opposite actually.

gamingdroid2922d ago

Online Pass didn't help trade-in value or the community.

Games that tend to have smaller community is likely to get beaten up severely by Online Passes....

TheDivine2922d ago


The online pass made me rent instead of buy. If i couldve demo'd the multi to see if i like it and if theres a decent community i wouldve. I said screw it, il just play the campaign which ROCKED btw. A few things couldve changed my mind like if it had a survival mode, offline bots, and 8 player co-op. I dont buy alot of new games so they need longevity which r3 doesnt have. Its a damn good campaign though.

Idk why some games sell and others dont? I know my reasons for passing but i still played it day 1. Its not marketing because i saw more r3 ads than gears 3 ads. R3 ads were all over tv, the budle ads, youtube ads, ads on game sites, demos/betas, sony went all out.

StraightPath2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

the game was pretty average in my opinion run in the mill shooter. Even thought i platnuimed it, it just did not stand out from all the shooters out there.

lelo2play2922d ago

No wonder Insomniac is going multiplatform !!!

kikizoo2922d ago Show
Solid_Snake-2922d ago ShowReplies(1)
laoboy_Smoke2922d ago

Jus got paid.. now I'm goin to buy resistance 3!!!

ReservoirDog3162922d ago

Yeah, that's sad. Insomniac are the most stand up people in the games industry. Their games are consistently great and they're great people.

It's sad. Sure, they're probably selling a lot over the long haul but how is dead island more deserving? How? How?


EVILDEAD3602922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

wrong place

pedo_across-the-road2922d ago

Why do fanboys brag about exclusives and the not buy them.

Grandclover2922d ago

I hated it. I mean i really hated it. I was so dissapointed i almost couldn't stomach it. I loved the first, the second was even better to me, the the third is a joke and i regret buying it. I never thought id say that about resistance, what next? will Killzone 4 blow chunks too (lord i hope not).

showtimefolks2922d ago

with a good borderline great single player which can last you 10-12hrs. and it went back to being like the 1st resistance. Must buy FPS one feature that i think hurt this game a lot was the 8 player online co-op

i hope world wide it did a little better insomniac deserve better than this from a AAA game.

t0mmyb0y2922d ago

The demo turned me WAAAYY off. Which is bad, because I rented it and couldn't stop playing it. Needed a better demo and some good advertisement.

SSpy2922d ago

I agree completely. I own a 360 but I when i played this on my cousins PS3, I was tempted to go out and buy one.

50Terabytespersec2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I gonna get restricted on this but, FACT is:
PS3 Owners didn't appreciate the LOW DEF , backwards 3d technology of this game.
THEY should of Licensed Unreal Engine or some Engine!!hopefully they have learned a lesson, and don't bite off more than they can chew or try to sell sub par technology with a same story eerie quieriee story line.
Hint Try to Lease the DOOM4 Megatexture technology engine from ID!
Sad for R3 devs
This Tech never scaled up at all it went backwards in terms of graphics and PS3 gamers no a thing or two about exclusives that should be above the rest.. We accept the Low def stuff cause it is inherent from the Least common denominator of Xbox 360 limited HD weakness..BUt for an exclusive to be low def !! Unacceptable.. Learn from this !! All Developers!!

Omega Archetype2922d ago

I never cared for the Resistance franchise, but that is sad to see. However 180,000 isn't necessarily a flop.

Hmm...I am looking forward to Insomniac's next game though.

multips3fan2922d ago

it is a sucess ppl need to undertand that 180k its first months its actcually good considering 4 AAA games coming in october plus uc3 and mw3 coming soon... this game will sell great in christmas .this game already has great review scores to back it up.its just ppl like me that have school to pay ,rent,car ,insurance .its kinda hard.only the best of the best deserve my 65$ .the rest like batman n r3 will have to wait.

FanboyPunisher2921d ago

Back list FPS will always sell like crap.
Good to see a game get what it deserves, aside from the fanboys (which all flock to N4G); they might be a bit butt hurt.

But if a game deserved more, it would of sold more.
But thats life, it didnt make the cut so no one bought it.

Resistance games have always been a poor buy.

damnyouretall2921d ago

seems like a cool game. i havent bought it yet cause im waiting to get it cheaper. too many games this year.

+ Show (19) more repliesLast reply 2921d ago
psb2922d ago

wow, this was unexpected. Only 180k copies in first month? WTF!

Tanir2922d ago

holy crap, no wonder whhy no one speaks about it.

its sad. I think resistance is awesome and its the only SP i enjoy from a fps.

meh, well this will be the last resistance it seems

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2922d ago

180k in NA only but yeah, it is disappointing that many people missed out on one of the best shooters this year. Just goes to show that sales in no way means quality because this is a fantastic game.

Hopefully Insomniac still go on to make another Resistance. There's still a lot that can be done with this franchise and still a lot of questions that need answering

Dart892922d ago

I think many people didn't buy it do to BF3 and MW2.5 right around the corner.

It was on my 1st day list but i had to cut it as with many other day 1 games due to certain circumstances but no doubt i will buy it as soon as i get the chance.