Top Five Comic Books That Need A Good Video Game (Empty Lifebar)

"Comic book heroes rarely see true justice brought to them in the video game world. Some companies such as Rocksteady and 2K Games have put the heart of a true fan into the creation of their super hero projects and have come out with some of the best known hero titles in the industry; titles that don’t actually make you shudder when you think of them."

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Mingledorff2929d ago

Why no IceMan video game?

Pikajew2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I want a Deadpool game or a sandbox TMNT game that you can use any turtle.

WolfLeBlack2929d ago

I reckon Deadpool would make for a good game, as would Hellboy. Both mix guns and hand-to-hand combat so it would allow for a good mixture. Deadpools utterly nuttiness would mean you could get away with a lot of wierd levels and daft moments, and Hell Boy's world has plenty of odd creatures and locations to use.