IGN - Dance Central 2 Kinect Review

IGN - Servants of the dance floor, rejoice: Dance Central 2 continues the full-body experience of the original with new tracks, new routines, and new modes. If you need a great game to break out at a party, or you just love dancing as much as I do, Dance Central will serve your fist-pumping needs. Even with a few hiccups, Dance Central 2 provides further proof that the Kinect can facilitate amazing gaming experiences when they're well designed around Kinect from the get-go.

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Perjoss2924d ago

great score, the first one is a very fun game!

The Meerkat2924d ago

The first one almost killed me.

gamingdroid2924d ago

except I really suck at this. There is no rhythm in my body at all.

Number_132924d ago

Lol no way. In a good way.

narutogameking2924d ago

Wow looks like Just Dance 3 has some competition!

optimus2924d ago

No competition at all. Just dance doesn't even come close.

JokesOnYou2924d ago

Good scores for this game, I dont play but I like to watch the ladies show their moves off. lol

JokesOnYou2924d ago

Who me?, Never....its purely for the research.

Number_132924d ago

Lol and I buy Playboys for the articles.

YodaCracker2923d ago

Looks like another AAA exclusive title for the 360.