Online Japanese PlayStation Vita orders Sell Out

Two major online Japanese stores appear to have sold through their initial pre-order stock of the PlayStation Vita almost immediately going on sale, indicating the machine could be heading for shortages when it launches in Japan in December.

Online stores Amazon Japan and Yodobashi are both now reporting that the machine is out of stock - and it was only available to pre-order for a very short period of time before it was removed again.

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disturbing_flame2924d ago

Mmmh so Vita can have a strong debut in Japan ?

Wait and see.

AP2924d ago

Machines always do well at launch, but to sell out on almost all the major online stores in seconds is mighty impressive!

disturbing_flame2924d ago

Actually it seems that preorders begin tomorow so i don't know from where this information come from. Or maybe i missed something.

danhese0072924d ago

Go to Amazon Japan, Vita 3G and Wifi are sold out.

knifefight2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Japan is 13 hours ahead of the US East Coast. It is already "tomorrow."

Wizziokid2924d ago

good to hear, it's going to be one solid handheld, can't wait to get mine

AP2924d ago

I hope I can get an import order in someplace quick enough =/

CakedOne2924d ago

thats what she said, and the vita looks amazing!!!!!!!!!! Thats crazy they sold all pre orders in two days.

TheFirstClassic2924d ago

If Monster Hunter comes out for this there will be even more sales. I don't understand why Capcom isn't putting a Monster Hunter out on Vita yet, it was such a big seller on psp.

AP2924d ago

I think this can do fine without MH. A 'new' Monster Hunter - a game with as much success - will emerge later in the Vita's life.

tarbis2924d ago

Crapcom is trying to kill the franchise just like they did Rockman. You'll have to forgive them, they got their heads in their own asses.

supremacy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

I seriously doubt anyone didnt see this comning, unless you are in denial by mistaking the past with the present.

Vita is bound for success and yes I seriously believe it will outsell the psp, its only a matter of time.

This platform simply has so much going for it already and its not even out yet.

TheFirstClassic2924d ago

Even if it only sells as much as the psp the software sells will be much higher. Some people lost interest in the psp, and I would think that less people will do that since the Vita is such a better system.

GribbleGrunger2924d ago

i don't think you can apply 'only' to 72 million sales, but i take your point

supremacy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

It is a much accessable platform, I mean it has everything you could want in a handheld. Acess to the store in day one is a key difference, and then there's ps suite and the easy development cycles.

The games will come from many different avenues, making this a power house.

Sony should have atleast outsourced some of the vita development to say toshiba, samsung and such so that together they could push for 3million units at launch.

This would have easlily made a worldwide launch possible.

crinale2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

It literally killed Japanese Amazon store etc., and by the time they got back online it was all sold out :(

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The story is too old to be commented.