IGN - Catwoman is Dead Sexy in Batman: Arkham City

IGN - Batman isn't the only thing you should watch out for when walking the streets of Arkham City. Thanks to for the music.

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Oldman1002930d ago

Lmao now it's time to sit back and watch this boil to the top.

a_bro2930d ago

what do you get when you have virgin nerds fapping to a game character? IGN.

drosera12930d ago

Then why did YOU click on this story? Anyway, Catwoman is sexy in this game, you only need eyes to see that fact, pixels or not.

a_bro2930d ago

This guy faps to game characters.

gillri2930d ago

I wouldn't put it in there, it'll get crushed!!

hyabusha2930d ago

Oh yeah... Slow motion... ;)

RedHotChiliPepaSpray2930d ago

Catwomans in HD! Now If only I had a 3D ... Me-owwwwwwww

drosera12930d ago

No, you're probably jealous, and ugly...

OooHJohnny2929d ago

That's not what she said...

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