IGN - Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3 Sales Predictions

IGN - In just a matter of weeks, the epic confrontation between good and evil will be waged across modern battlefields and war torn cities.

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Wizziokid2923d ago

of course COD will send more, why do we need these articles, play the games, not the sales, unless you work for the company, why do you even care?

-Mezzo-2923d ago

Agreed, it's a no brainier that MW3 will sell more & it's also a no brainier that BF3 will be miles ahead of MW3 in quality.

I am 100% sure that some "no name" sites are already hard at work in writing a "Top 10 Reason MW3 Crushes BF3", once both the games hit the stores we will see them appear here on N4G...... Sad isn't it.

zeddy2923d ago

bf3 will be better? you havent even played mw3 yet. mw3 will be 10x better than bf3, hows that make you feel?

Wizziokid2923d ago

Because MW3 is a copy and paste job from MW2?

TheDareDevil2923d ago

"BF3 will be miles ahead of MW3 in quality. "

Really? How can you be so sure even though both games haven't released yet?

gamingdroid2923d ago

I will wait for the reviews, but the "beta" wasn't promising at all.

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RyuCloudStrife2923d ago

i work for dice MW3 will sell more.

Ravens202923d ago

BF3 over 10 million, really?

A lot of people cancelled their pre orders after DICE put out that crappy beta.

Dart892923d ago

LMFAO haven't you heard that saying that goes along the line of"Don't believe everything you read or hear on the internet??"Probably not judging by your comment.

Oh my god a beta is crappy how dare they give us a crappy beta*Facepalm* maybe you should read and find out what a beta is SMH.

StayStatic2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

"A lot of people cancelled their pre orders after DICE put out that crappy beta"

Exactly, its a beta not a demo

EazyC2922d ago

BF3 sales: "It's over 9" - DICE's PR manager

zeal0us2923d ago

MW3 will sell more, sadly but BF3 will still sell a lot of units regardless.

M-Easy2923d ago

Wow IGN trolling the entire industry for hits now. BF3 quality, MW3 sales.

Avernus2923d ago

Fortunately sale figures don't represent the quality of a game. Black Ops broke all records, and that game was an absolute mess. Before you say anything, I reached 15th prestige, and played the crap out of it, so I have a valid opinion on that game.

BF3 would be second place, but it shouldn't affect people's decision on which game they would want to buy. Cannot wait for BF3!

creatchee2923d ago


So what you're saying is that you spent 13-15 *DAYS* of in-game time playing "an absolute mess"?

Why would you do that? Masochism should have some form of pleasure attached to it.

Avernus2923d ago

I also played BFBC2 to 50...what's your point? Most of my friends played CoD, but I play BF more. I play every game, so I can have an opinion, and not just be a fanboy of either.

gamingdroid2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

***So what you're saying is that you spent 13-15 *DAYS* of in-game time playing "an absolute mess"?***

Which kind of indicates your ability to judge and questions why we should trust Avernus?

Avernus2923d ago

Do what you want. I'm stating that I played both games to the max, so I'm not a blind fanboy trolling the internet with whatever cliched complaints about either game.

If you didn't play BO, you shouldn't have an opinion on it, and the same goes for BFBC2. Well unless you're just trolling that is.

zeddy2923d ago

bf3 is boring, dont really care about realism. mw3 will be more fun and action packed.

Elwenil2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

ADD is a bitch, ain't it? Just kidding, relax.

Seriously, I don't see how anyone could say either game is less than "action packed". Sure, CoD games are known for the tighter maps and pretty much instant action without much thought about anything other than what weapon and perks to use. Battlefield games are just as packed with action but due to the scale, vehicles, maps and most of the game modes they require a little more strategy and you get a lot more out of the game with teamwork. To me the difference is that CoD is designed to be fast, fun and available to just about anyone and Battlefield is designed to be more strategic, more epic and is designed from the ground up with teamwork in mind. Similar games, both with plenty of action, but with two completely different goals.

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