Gaming With The iPhone 4S (And Proof Siri Can’t Understand A Proper Scottish Accent)

Kotaku - "What is Ubisoft," I ask Siri. The only reason I ask that question is I have an package from Ubisoft on my desk. And I have no imagination.

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Wintersun6162922d ago

It will be nothing different from previous mobile gaming experiences. It's not even nothing special hardware-wise, being on par with SGS2 and there are a few more powerful android phones coming out later this year or early next year already.

Wizziokid2922d ago

still prefer the Galexy S2 myself, it's one hell of a phone, should keep me going for a couple of years until my contracts ready to change.

on the gaming side, I don't care much for 'mobile gaming' i would much rather buy a PSV than a phone which is good for gaming, I'm more old fashioned and think a phone is for communication not gaming, which just eats up the battery anyway :)

Wintersun6162922d ago

Couldn't agree with you more. The SGS2 is a beast and the few games I enjoy on it will have to do until I buy Vita. Aside from Angry Birds I only play games like Sudoku, Mine Sweeper and other brain challenging games on it regularly, and I can't wait to have FF X, Uncharted, Resistance etc in my pocket. :)